Rodenstock Presents the New ColorMatic IQ Photochromatic Lenses

This year marks the introduction of ColorMatic IQ® intelligent ophthalmic lenses from Rodenstock, an in-house development from a company that has been the undisputed pioneer of photochromism for more than 40 years. ColorMatic IQ®, which was just released inCanada in high index plastic in 1.6 and 1.67, is the photochromatic lens with the fastest lightening in the market. To spectacle wearers, this means an even greater advantage, because the first seconds are decisive when changing to other light conditions.

As a photochromatic lens, ColorMatic IQ automatically adapts to the light conditions of its surroundings. The lenses lighten noticeably faster in the first two minutes, compared with other products. This makes the self-tinting lenses the perfect companion for active and comfort-oriented spectacle wearers and outdoor enthusiasts, who really value maximum reliability and the greatest wearing comfort.

The attractive plastic lenses with an index of 1.67 or 1.6 are particularly thin, which ensures an elegant look and a pleasant feeling for the wearer, even for those with greater visual impairments. ColorMatic IQ® is available as a single-vision or progressive lens and provides optimum light protection. Fully 100 per cent of harmful UVA and UVB radiation is absorbed. The lenses also perform an anti-aging function. Due to their perfect UV-400 protection, the lenses protect the sensitive skin around the eyes, and the wearer simply looks younger.

Available in three colours – grey, brown and green – where all its competitors’ products are only available in grey and brown, the ColorMatic IQ stands for the highest quality, the best materials, and innovation that is “engineered inGermany.”