2020 Themes

January / February
Discoveries in Vision Science

It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the research in vision science! To help readers stay abreast, this feature will shed light on some truly fascinating recent discoveries. These include the fact that exposure to bacteria contribute to vision loss in glaucoma patients; how the brain’s attention network is key to partially reversing blindness; the fact that one session with a virtual reality headset, which enhances visual perception, can return dementia patients to a communicative state; and a new wireless device that helps people who have lost their sight detect motion and distinguish light and dark.


March / April
Low Vision

Nearly one in 30 people over the age of 40 experience low vision, defined as significant visual impairment that cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, medication or surgery. How are you reaching out to this growing population? Could you do more to help enhance their quality of life? This feature covers the latest in low vision technologies and discusses how to best relate to low vision patients, the majority of whom are seniors.


May / June
Men’s Eyewear

Is it just our imagination or do increasing numbers of men want draw attention to their appearance? Here’s a look at the trends in men’s fashion and how they relate to eyewear. This feature runs the whole gamut: from minimalist to chunkified!



July / August

Climate marches around the world in the fall of 2019 reflect new attitudes toward sustainability. How are leading eyewear companies responding? And how does the independent optical retailer make a difference? Let’s find out!



September / October
Special Lens Issue

From lenses that have been shown to halt myopia in children, to the latest lens innovations for seniors and everyone in between, our annual special lens feature brings the most significant new developments to the fore.



November / December
Retail Trends

While store location is still a vital consideration for retail, the new mantra might be: data, data, data. This feature will illustrate the benefits of a data-driven strategy to accelerate business growth. We’ll also talk about combining bricks and motor with e-tailing and look at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing the retail sector.