2024 Themes

January / February
Sustainable Eyewear

Sustainability has become the watchword of business and a commitment to the environment is now the cost of entry in virtually every industry. This is impacting the optical sector in a number of significant ways: in addition to using recycled and renewable materials, manufacturers are examining their carbon footprint, reducing waste, and minimizing energy and water consumption. Learn how optical companies are meeting their ethical and environmental responsibilities in the manufacture of eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, while creating stylish, high-quality products for consumers.


March / April
Men’s Sunglasses

Men’s sunglasses are no longer taking a back seat to the women’s sector, as men use sunwear to elevate their look and make a fashion statement. This year’s favourites include round and clear frames, as well as sporty wraparounds for active types who seek a marriage of form and function. Discover what’s new – and old, as in retro – in the brave new world of men’s sunglasses.

May / June
Contact Lenses

Contact lens manufacturers continue to innovate through design and material technologies intended to relieve the eye fatigue, muscle strain and dryness associated with our increasing use of digital devices. Some companies are concentrating their efforts on devising lenses that allow wearers to shift their focus more easily from on-screen to off-screen. Drug-eluting contact lenses are a burgeoning area of research and investment whereby drugs can be released gradually from a single contact lens. In this feature, we explore what’s trending and what’s coming next.

July / August
Women’s Eyewear

In 2024, women’s eyewear will be showcasing the themes of innovation, functionality, colour and sustainability. Key shapes and looks include limited editions, nature-inspired elements and a welcome focus on diversity and inclusivity, mirroring the efforts of the broader fashion industry. Find out which geometric patterns and colours will be gracing the runways and appearing on retailers’ shelves this year.

September / October
Annual Lens Issue

With advances in technology, the ophthalmic lens sector is becoming increasingly segmented, reflecting the efforts of manufacturers to provide optimal vision for very specific needs and uses. Neuroscience continues to play a growing role in the lens field, leading, in one case, to the development of a progressive lens where any distortion is not recognized by the brain. This feature takes a deep dive into the world of applied neuroscience to discover the future of ophthalmic lens design.

November / December
Eyecare for the Elderly

Aging is associated with a host of eye-related complications, including glaucoma, dry eye disease, age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. In this feature we’ll examine the health and eyecare challenges facing the growing population of older Canadians, many of whom have multiple co-morbidities, and look at how ECPs and other healthcare professionals are approaching the needs of this demographic. We’ll investigate current treatments and look at what the future holds for the vision of Canadian seniors.