Nikon Solo Now Available Surfaced

NikonNikon’s all-purpose spherical single [ mod. Carrera 6000 ] vision lens, Nikon Solo, is now available surfaced. With good optical performance at an affordable price, it now offers these additional features:

• 1.50, 1.60 and 1.67 indices in clear and Transitions® (brown, grey and graphite green);

• 1.50 Polarized (brown and grey);

• Wide power range; from -13.00D to +8.00D, cyl. -4.00D (total sphere).

A Range of Products to Suit Every Demand

NikonNikon’s single vision lens portfolio has been revamped to accommodate new technologies, availabilities, wider power ranges and additional stock options.

The new SeeMax AP, available with complete customization features, is now offered in 1.50 clear, 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74, clear and Transitions®.

With the Viewfit digital technology, the Nikon Lite now offers the widest range of options, base curves and diameters. It also takes into account fitting parameters to reduce the negative effects of special wearing conditions.

The Solo presents new surfaced options including Transitions® which will be on the market in January 2015.

Transformation of Any Eyewear into an Instant Bifocal

20/20 Accessory Source introduces the newest in innovative bifocal design. With an easy application process, any sunglass, safety glass or mask can be transformed into a bifocal.

Hydrotac Stick-On Bifocal Lenses are invisible, half-moon shaped soft lenses that adhere to the back of any lens by just using water. They are reusable and won’t leave behind any residue, so one set can be used on multiple pairs of eyewear.

Adding stick-on bifocals to your array of products will entice customers looking for additional options. Whether they prefer something traditional, or something unique, the lenses are designed to fit all styles and have the ability to be trimmed without the worry of the magnification being distorted.

The Hydrotac’s versatility also invites a more diverse range of patients into your clinic. Individuals who require occupational lenses, such as diving masks and safety goggles, and need the help of a bifocal, will find this hassle-free alternative advantageous.

Hoya Launches Array Wrap

HoyaHoya Vision Care Canada announces the addition of Array Wrap, a freeform progressive lens designed for high wrap frames, which features Hoya’s proprietary advanced technology.

Array Wrap presents variable length corridors, a full lineup of indices, colours, materials and treatments, and large cutouts that work well with a wide array of options, from clear to sunwear.

The lenses fit just like Hoya’s Array design, but contour to high base frames to cover every aspect of vision. According to the company, they are the optimal choice for eyeglass wearers who demand the best vision possible in high wrap frames.

Nikon Introduces New Kids Line

NikonSummer holidays are winding down, which means it’s time for parents to prepare their kids for ‘back to school’. Nikon Optical Canada took this opportunity to launch Nikon Kids, a new series of single vision lenses, designed especially for children up to 15 years of age.

“With the start of a new school year, a trip to an eyecare professional will be top of mind for many families,” says Isabelle Mongeau, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Nikon Optical Canada. “Knowing that children can benefit visually and psychologically from proper lenswear, Nikon developed their kids’ package to support practitioners who fit this clientele. Every child is different, from the activities they enjoy to the way they act and think. Professionals can now offer even their youngest patients quality choices as unique as they are.”

Nikon Kids are available in two packages – Performance and Resistance. The 1.60 high index material of the first package delivers superior optical performance. Even better vision is achieved, thanks to Nikon ICE with advanced scratch resistance, anti-glare and easy-to-clean properties, as well as SeeCoat Blue to protect teens’ eyes against the negative effects of prolonged exposure to digital devices and artificial lighting.

The Resistance package is designed to stand up to even the toughest kid. Ultra-safe, shatterproof polycarbonate is made tougher yet with Nikon H scratch-resistant coating or Nikon HCC coating with scratch-resistance and anti-glare properties.

Both packages are offered in a comprehensive range (Rx and stock), at a price parents are sure to like. All lenses feature lightweight, durable materials with built-in 100 per cent UV protection, sure to keep up with any kid’s active lifestyle.

Nikon Kids are backed by an 18-month warranty that includes one replacement pair of lenses as the child’s prescription demands change.

An Iconic Tint and a Glamorous Spokesperson

EssilorEyecare professionals throughout Canada are now able to present Transitions® Signature™ VII Graphite Green lenses to all their customers. Those everyday lenses combine all the benefits of the latest generation of Transitions lenses that react better to indirect light and become darker than ever in higher temperatures, with a gray-green tint that provides truer perception of colours and a fashionable look.

ECPs and their customers might recognize the iconic green colour of the lens, as it dates back to the 1950s when the tint was applied to sunglasses worn by U.S. Navy pilots. The gray-green hue was originally developed based on research that showed how human eyes respond differently to various colours in the visual spectrum. The gray-green lenses were then formulated to emphasize certain colours to help pilots locate and track objects against a variety of outdoor backgrounds such as earth, sky and water.

“Our exclusive graphite green Transitions Signature VII lenses allow wearers to see the world in a shade of green that helps things look natural, and the iconic colour also brings a sense of style to eyeglass lenses,” says Kristel Bordeleau-Tassile, Essilor Canada’s Transitions brand manager. “Essilor is proud to partner with Transitions Optical to launch the latest in photochromic lens technology and bring back a popular lens colour that looks great and offers better vision in variable and bright light conditions.”

Laurence Leboeuf – glamorous and socially conscious
Aware of the importance of maintaining good visual health, Laurence Leboeuf has agreed to join the Canadian campaign to launch Essilor’s Transitions® Signature™ Graphite Green lenses. She perfectly represents the target market for these new corrective lenses: young, trendy adults, always on the move and enjoying the glamorous side of life. Laurence started her TV career at 11 in the television series Virginie. After she learned English in 2004, she was cast in 15/Love and won a Gemini Award for Best Supporting Actress for that role. Laurence has been actively working in both languages and receiving critical acclaim ever since. She was most recently seen in the TV series Trauma (in French) and 19-2 (in English).

New Plastic Plus Patented Blue/Violet Filter AR Coating

Plastic- single PP LOGO  2014It’s been a long time coming, but for users of today’s digital devices or those specifically affected by the irritating glare from various light sources – including LED, halogen and fluorescent lighting or high intensity discharge (HID) car headlights – there is the new PPS super-oleophobic anti-reflective (AR) with blue/violet filter from Plastic Plus.

For optical lens wearers who experience distracting reflections or discomfort from continual use of digital devices (eye strain/irritation, fatigue, neck and back pain and other physical symptoms including the possible onset of AMD or cataracts), Plastic Plus offers a new advance in AR technology. With the same high quality anti-reflective properties and increased light transmission as their other premium AR coatings, the new BVF AR filter blocks blue/violet light from computers, phones or tablet screens and potentially harmful HEV light caused by fluorescent bulbs and LED devices. It also significantly reduces nighttime glare from distracting HID headlights – a problem that is worse for older drivers because of their increased intraocular light scattering, glare sensitivity and photo stress recovery time.

Says Plastic Plus President Paul Faibish, “Our premium PPS super-oleophobic with blue/violet filter coating uses technology provided by and licensed through a global leader in AR technology, and can be applied to any of our hard coated surfaced lenses. As far as cost, the difference is very minimal. But for many patients, the addition of our new BVF coating can not only improve how well they view the world today… it could seriously affect how well they will be able to view the world in the future.”

Shamir Releases Three New Sun Lenses

ShamirShamir Insight and Shamir Canada announce the launch of their newest Freeform® sun designs, Shamir Attitude® III – Fashion, Attitude ® III – Sport, and Attitude® III – SV. Each of the designs is now available to order.

The Attitude III® line utilizes Shamir’s new revolutionary technologies. EyePoint Technology III®, engineered to focus on the real world images the wearer sees to ensure an improved viewing experience for all patients, regardless of lens power and frame choice. All three designs also utilize As-Worn Quadro™, which offers four times greater design stability and gives wearers even greater comfort and ease of transition when switching between frames. Utilized in the Shamir Attitude III® -Fashion and Sport designs, Natural Posture™ is an ergonomic design concept that dynamically positions the near viewing zone within the lens corridor based on the plus or minus power of the prescription. IntelliCorridor™ is a technology which allows Shamir’s designers to control the power profile of the lens, based on the needs of the individual wearer, a vital technology in providing specialized intermediate vision for the Attitude III – Fashion and Attitude III – Sport designs.

Shamir Attitude III – Fashion is a performance sun lens designed to provide progressive wearers with a solution to meet their day-to-day outdoor needs. It provides expanded vision zones and enhanced peripheral vision, all in a design that fits in even the biggest fashion sunglass frames.

Shamir Attitude III – Sport is a specialized progressive sun lens suited for sports and active lifestyles. It has a wide and distortion-free far vision zone, ideal for dynamic sports.

Shamir Attitude III – SV is a single vision lens designed to provide patients with maximized visual comfort for all of their sport and outdoor needs. With greater optical design stability in any frame – large or small, wraparound or flat – Attitude III – SV provides expanded peripheral vision unlike any single vision sun lens before.

Both Attitude III – Fashion and Attitude III – Sport will be available in the following materials: 1.5 Hard Resin, Trivex™, 1.60 SuperLite™, 1.67 SuperLite™, and Polyplus™. Shamir Attitude III – SV will be available in 1.5 Hard Resin, Trivex™, 1.60 SuperLite™, 1.67 SuperLite™, and Polyplus™. All three designs are available to order from Shamir Canada.

Manufacturing Advances

logo_plasticplusPlastic Plus completed yet another major equipment and system upgrade that not only increases their lens production by up to 35 per cent, but also allows them to remain Canada’s most technically advanced optical lens manufacturer, the company reports.

In addition to the integration of the first fully automated digital lens measuring and verifying control system in North America, they have added more advanced manufacturing equipment to the line. It now includes a large extension to their full facility automated conveyor system, a new Satisloh Orbit generator and three new Duoflex polishers.

Says Plastic Plus President Paul Faibish, “Our customers are always amazed when they see our equipment and automated systems at work, but it certainly helps put everything we are able to do in perspective. Though we are now considered to be one of North America’s most technically advanced labs, the central reason for ongoing re-investment in the business is our desire to deliver the finest lenses and coatings with the most consistent accuracy to our Canadian clients. By continually seeking the best equipment and technology in the world, we hope to provide exactly what our customers need to compete in today’s market. ”

Two New Products

SeeMax_PresioMasterAlways committed to providing exceptional optical performance, Nikon once again redefines vision. Introducing Presio Master FP and SeeMax Master AP, Nikon’s latest progressive lenses designed to eliminate visual discomfort and provide instant adaptation.

Presio Master FP and SeeMax Master AP push the boundaries of ophthalmic lens technology by using the third generation Aberration Filter Surface Technology™ (AFS Generation III). AFS Generation III relies on two optimization technologies, Deformation Tuning and Binocular Tuning, to virtually eliminate distortions on the peripheral portions of the lens, which generate the most visual discomfort. Your patients will benefit from a remarkably wider usable lens area and significantly sharper fields of vision.