SeeCoat Plus, Nikon’s Latest and Most Advanced Lens Coating

Building on the well-established Nikon SeeCoat, SeeCoat Plus offers an even more extensive range of benefits. Nikon’s anti-static property prevents the build-up of static electricity so dust and other dry elements do not cling to the lens surface.

Moreover, thanks to the Ultra Tough Nanoflex HC, the reformulated and balanced chemical composition of the hard coat and primer enhances the coating flexibility and adhesion to the substrate, thus improving its resistance level to chucking pressure. Lastly, with the Interference Fringe Control (IFC) technology, SeeCoat Plus lenses on average have the least amount of colour variation in their reflection.

SeeCoat Plus is available in 1.50 index in Stock (aspheric) and Rx and, it will officially replace SeeCoat in 1.50 index. SeeCoat Plus will become available on all indices later this year.