Crizal by Essilor: New Product, TV Ad Campaign and Consumer Promotion

From mid-May to the end of October Essilor will present a complete and powerful program including Crizal Sapphire™, a national TV ad campaign and consumer promotion advertised on the Essilor UV Report to support eyecare Professionals in their efforts to sell Crizal lenses to consumers.

Crizal Sapphire, the clearest lens ever created, completes the range that already includes Crizal EC, Crizal Forte and Crizal® Sun™, thus offering an antireflective solution to meet the needs of every eyeglass wearer. Crizal Sapphire maximizes light transmission through the lens for ultimate clarity of vision and presents 50% less reflection than Crizal Forte for enhanced visual comfort and greater aesthetic appeal. Its light blue residual reflection is barely visible to the eye. Its exceptional super-hydrophobic, antistatic and scratch-resistance properties are the result of Essilor exclusive patented technologies.

From May 30 to the end of October, Crizal will star in a national advertising campaign that will air on major television networks. More than 10 million Canadian consumers will be reached 8.3 times! Demonstrating the benefits of wearing Crizal lenses every day, the campaign is designed to increase traffic to your store, make it easier for you to sell Crizal and grow your business.

From July 1 to September 30, a Crizal promotion for consumers will give them the chance to win one of four travel certificates worth $7 500 each. The Go Your Way Crizal promotion will be advertised on The Essilor UV Report on the Weather Network and City-Page on and will invite consumers to visit their eyecare professional to participate.