A New Concept for Optical Lenses

Lensnet Club LLC announces the launch of a unique concept inCanadaand the signing of an exclusive license with DirectLab Network. The concept introduces a new solution for independent eyecare professionals to help them improve their profit margins.

Lensnetclub.com offers over 15 collections of HD lenses online and a wide selection of personalized lenses (in all materials and indexes) from worldwide manufacturers recognized and approved by the top labs in the U.S., Europe, China, Korea, India, Japan and Canada. All are delivered within seven days or they are free under certain conditions explained on the company’s website.

The goal is simple: to enable professionals to save up to 60 per cent off the cost of ophthalmic lenses, thus enabling them to better compete with Internet sales to consumers and providing a valid alternative to major chains with large-scale purchasing power.

A company spokesperson says the platform is adapted to the current optical lens market, similar to what Expedia.ca does for the travel market.

Joining the club is very easy. Professionals are invited to use the platform of online ordering through Lensnet Club. The system then allows them to choose the right product for their needs at the most economical cost.

Lensnet Club invites ECPs to register and visit http://www.lensnetclub.com/.