TELUS Health eClaims Solution Offers ECPs a Custom-Made Service

TELUS Health eClaims Solution Offers ECPs a Custom-Made Service

TELUS Health eClaims Solution is Canada’s first online national exchange service for extended healthcare providers, including opticians and optometrists, designed to streamline the claims and reimbursement process with private insurers, on behalf of their patients. TELUS is working with Great-West Life to provide eClaims with a web-based, secure and fully integrated solution that optimizes the claim submission process, including enrolment tools, reimbursement claim submission and immediate confirmation of the insurance company’s response.

The solution also allows the option of assigning benefits to the healthcare provider, making it simple for the patient to pay only the out-of-pocket cost at the point of care, with the insurance company paying the balance to the provider.

Great-West Life is the first insurance company to collaborate with TELUS on the introduction of a real-time claim submission service, specifically designed for extended healthcare providers.

Registration is fast and easy. All ECPs have to do is register on They will receive a welcome package confirming their enrolment and providing login information that will give them access to the new TELUS Health eClaims portal. When they log into the portal, an option on the welcome page allows them to submit claims to private group insurance companies. This information and all related instructions will be sent to them by email once they have registered.

For additional inquiries, ECPs are invited to call TELUS Health Solutions at 1-866 240-7492 option 1.