Optique Levy Unveils Reeva Eyewear

From left to right: mods. Baxter, Mr. Las Vegas and El Presidente

Optique Levy introduces Reeva Eyewear, a refreshing collection aimed at artsy people, to the Canadian market. Born in Miami Beach as an underground phenomenon, the line captures the essence of street art based on authenticity and individual expression.

The Reeva models are mostly made of acetate, more precisely of genuine Mazzucchelli material known for its brilliance and depth of colour. Every frame is crafted in Italy, near Belluni in the inspiring mountainous region of the Veneto. The brand’s mission is to produce and distribute quality eyewear, as well as innovative, creative and genuine designs, all at a very affordable price.

Sold in 22 countries, the Reeva craze is now available through Optique Levy with 25 ophthalmic models for women and men. Sunglasses will be available later.