New Partnership between IRIS and Nikon

Nikon_IrisIRIS The Visual Group partners with Nikon, introducing MyLabTM, the Nikon/IRIS integrated laboratory. This is a first in NIKON Optical Canada’s history. Following its 2013 spring launch, IRIS locations are now fully integrated and are seamlessly processing increasing demands and delivering on patients’ needs. MyLab offers exclusive designs to IRIS patients, namely, their latest digital progressive lens series, I View Series2.

“IRIS and Nikon share a similar vision — to improve Canadians’ vision. Partnering up with Nikon was not only something we aspired to, but a sensible next step. Our partnership will demonstrate that vertical cooperation is more efficient than vertical integration,” said Dr. Francis Jean, optometrist and president of IRIS.

MyLab is equipped with advanced industrial software and the latest edging and mounting technologies, enabling it to produce new generation lenses that store superior  intelligence. The most specific of patients’ needs relevant to their IRIS profile are met. This allows IRIS to provide patients with personalized and exclusive products in real-time.

“Nikon Optical Canada is proud to have partnered with Iris to create MyLab, a dedicated structure providing IRIS patients with Nikon’s latest technology lenses. We strongly believe that the association of our respective expertise in professional patient care and premium quality products will contribute to elevate the optical market and provide Canadians with better vision for a better life,” added Pierre Longerna, president of Nikon Optical Canada.

IRIS has increased its Nikon lens volume from 15 to 50 per cent in recent years, in part due to patients requesting the sophisticated lenses, and essentially because Nikon delivers innovation that resonates with IRIS’s comprehensive patient service.