New LineArt Charmant Canon Collection Builds on Simple Elegance

New LineArt Charmant Canon Collection Builds on Simple Elegance

LineArt Charmant will provide eyewear with surprising wearing comfort and style in the new Canon Collection. By expanding its offering with more style options, this line, distributed inCanadaby Perfect Optical, will appeal to an even larger female audience.

Unique, smart and sophisticated women who seek a simple paired-down elegance that fit their ophthalmic frame will be satisfied by a piece of art that suits their lifestyle and attitude.

The harmony between the set of four delicate Excellence Titan strings and little cubes expresses a modern and simple elegance with a variety of touches, such as monotone or two-tone finishes, as well as feminine matte and lustrous colours.

Rimless styles have the thinnest titanium pieces that mount lenses using Charmant’s original Pressure Mount System and the frame provides long-lasting wearing comfort and a surprising lightness, while being secure and fitting gently. This creates a symphony between the natural beauty of the wearer and the frame.

The front designs of the nylor or rimless style includes rectangular lens designs for small faces or medium-sized faces, as well as a refined shape of a slight cat-eye for progressive lens users.