New Dynamic Leaders

New Dynamic Leaders

Nikon Optical Canada recently announced the following key organization changes with the goal of realizing more responsive, more personable relationships with their customers.

Nicolas Tountas, newly appointed as VP customer services, is a licensed optician whose experience owning a practice will serve as an asset in his commitment to developing a more proactive customer service department.

Angela Marselloshas been promoted to director ofmarketingand communications, leading themarketingteam to develop and execute key programs. With thirteen years of experience inmarketingat Nikon, Angela’s passion for the Nikon brand will be critical in the effective communication of the company premium philosophy.

Lora Discenza, who was appointed asmarketingcommunications manager, is central to effective communications for new product launches, advertising, promotions and othermarketingprojects. Working for Nikon for over eight years, Lora’s experience is essential in the realization of projects.

Julie Legendre has been promoted to quality director in a new department created specifically to continuously improve and sustain the company’s quality policy, while implementing timely processing and resolution of warranty issues. Julie is a licensed optician, with six years of experience successfully managing Nikon Optical Canada customer services.

Pedro Silva, director of the strategicmarketingand sales group, is responsible for analyzing and evaluating the success of Nikon’s initiatives. Drawing on his ten years of experience at the company, his recommendations on product strategy and pricing help Nikon respond to changing market demands therefore sustaining their relevancy in the Canadian optical industry.