Georges et Phina Unveils Two New Brands: Glossi and Linkskin

Georges et Phina Unveils Two New Brands: Glossi and Linkskin

Georges et Phina releases two innovative new brands after two years of testing. While Glossi brings a vibrant and colourful dimension to eyewear, Linkskin plays on a new eco-concept.

For Georges et Phina, the decision to distribute a new collection is never made hastily. “We look for design houses with a clear long-term vision in regards to brand identity, product quality, technical innovation, and mutual collaboration”, says directorDaniel Laoun. “So it is a long road from the initial discovery of new collections, to actually making them available to our customers.”

The beauty of Linkskin models is that beyond being eco-friendly, they are extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to cut and mount, and appeal to both genders, and people of all ages. The ethical nature of this line, called “the world’s first eco-friendly eyewear”, lies in the fact that they are made from 99 per cent recycled plastics, without springs, screws or soldering.Templesand fronts are hand-stitched, forming part of the design. All colours are either compound shades or RoHS compliant (this refers to restrictions on the use of hazardous substances). All the packaging is made of recycled material and even the ink is biodegradable.

Linskin has won different international design awards during the last years: iF Material Award in 2006 and 2009, Red Dot Design Award 2007, IDEA International Design Excellence Awards 2008, Silmo d’Or 2008 and 2009.

The Glossi line emphasizes brighter, shining colour and light reflection. The temples are joined to both front ends of the frame front by a unique joint system and stitch concept using nylon string instead of rivets. This soft connection allows stretchability and reduces stress at the two ends. It also helps to create the flexibility effect of spring hinges. The compound colour top bar viewing from the frame front creates a 3D colour effect. Almost no adjustment is needed when fitting the eyewear on the user’s face, except for the nose pads.