Essilor introduces Varilux S series

Essilor introduces Varilux S series

Essilor introduces its new line of products, Varilux S series, a revolution in lens technology, design and personalization. Protected by 13 patents, Varilux S series innovations provide the wearer with stability of vision in motion (reduction of swim effect up to 90%), wide angle vision (widening of binocular fields of vision up to 50%) and reflex vision (faster visual reaction time).

Nanoptix, a revolution in lens technology

Nanoptix completely reengineers the lens structure and the way the design is calculated. The lens is no longer viewed just as a front and back surface. Instead, Nanoptix divides the lens into many optical elements. Each optical element is optimized in both base curve and power to stabilize the beam deviation. The result: a progressive lens that virtually eliminates swim effect, and offers unmatched stability of vision in motion.

SynchronEyes, a revolution in lens design

SynchronEyes technology takes into account the physiological differences between the two eyes to calculate the lenses as a pair, a visual system. It provides wide angle vision and edge to edge clarity.

4D Technology, a revolution in personalization

Just as we are left-or right-handed, we have a leading dominant eye. By respecting the dominant eye leading role, 4D Technology offers faster visual reaction time, allowing the wearer to experience reflex vision.

Tested and approved by wearers

During the tests, conducted in accordance with an endorse protocol by the Research Center 968 INSERM University Pierre et Marie Curie, wearers around the world highlighted the excellence of Varilux S series by ranking it first for every single feature : overall quality of vision, distance vision, intermediate vision, near vision, dynamic vision and adaptation.