Coburn Technologies Introduces a New Lab Works Group and a New Product

Coburn Technologies has established a new group within the company called Coburn Lab Works.This team of employees within Coburn, headed up by new hire Daniel Clarke, is tasked specifically with the support of independent optical laboratories including the development of new products, product/process support, and insuring the highest level of value on a lab by lab basis.

Curt Brey, vice president of marketing and business development, stated: “We are taking the energy and resources we used to bring over a dozen new products to market since we became Coburn Technologies, and focusing that same level of effort into our supplies and consumables side of the business.”

In addition to the Lab Works Group, Coburn is also introducing a new 1 Step, all-material fining pad called “Sapphire”. This new 7-petal pad uses premium self-sharpening aluminum oxide abrasive grains that are precision coated to provide superior life, fast cut rate and consistent finish. Designed to fine all common lens materials that have been lathe generated (except glass), this new pad is available in all standard sizes.

Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies, stated: “We are excited about this expansion of our team and our renewed commitment to independent optical laboratories as we continue with our corporate vision to be the preferred supplier and business partner to the global ophthalmic industry.”