Blanchard Laboratories Unveils Onefit Lenses

Blanchard Laboratories introduces Onefit Series lenses as the new standard for GP and soft lens wearers. This line of mini scleral lenses is designed to completely vault the irregular or ectatic cornea, as well as normal prolate cornea with astigmatism. Onefit lenses boast the crisp visual acuity and high DK of a GP lens, and the comfort previously only available in a soft lens.

“Our goal was a large-diameter RGP lens that is easy to fit and as comfortable as a soft lens. It had to be better than my own soft lenses before we would introduce it,” says Jean Blanchard, president of Blanchard Laboratories. “I wear these lenses comfortably during all of my waking hours.”

The Onefit Cone is designed to accommodate highly irregular corneas such as keratoconus (Oval, Nipple) and ectasias. Available in diameters ranging from 13.7 mm to 14.6 mm, the lens always centers well on the eye and provides the patient with visual clarity and stability never before possible with smaller GP lenses.

The Onefit P+A is designed to vault over corneas with normal prolate profile or astigmatism. Available in diameters of 13.8 mm up to 14.9 mm, the lens rivals the comfort of a soft lens and is ideal for those who cannot adapt to, or have developed an intolerance to smaller GP lenses or soft toric lenses.

A simple three-step, inside-out fitting approach, combined with a 14-lens trial set, makes Onefit the easiest mini scleral lens to fit and trouble shoot.