2015 Issues

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January/February 2015
Feature Article – Don’t let sports eyewear pass you by: your patients need it!
Envision: seeing beyond magazineThe focus on fitness products in the retail world creates an excellent business opportunity for eyecare professionals because ever-cooler and more technologically advanced equipment is the name of the game. Both amateur and professional athletes need eye protection and you are the perfect retailer to provide it.

Legal Angle – Focus on Ebola: Managing the Ocular Effects of the Disease
Lens Focus – Good Sports
Portrait of a DesignerRichard Mewha Designs Unique Luxury for Bevel
Eye on Health – A New Frontier in Cataract Surgery
Making Contact – Bandage It Up!
Event – The Magic Mixing Formula: Optifair Does it Again



March/April 2015
Feature Article – Men’s eyewear fashion is right on trend
Envision: seeing beyond magazine
Men’s fashion is hot like never before, with three weeks in January set aside for men’s-only fashion weeks in London, Paris, Montreal and Vancouver. Our feature brings you the latest eyewear trends for men, both on the runway and off.

Eye on Health – Symptomatic Vitreomacular Adhesion
Portrait of a Designer – Randy Jackson Eyewear: from American Idol to Eyewear Icon
Lens Focus – Lenses for Men, By the Numbers
Making Contact – The Dry Eye Detective
Digital Marketing Compete with Online Marketing by Relieving Customer Pain
Event – opti 2015: Getting a Glimpse of the Future
Event100% Optical Trade Show Brings Light to London



May/June 2015
Feature Article – Success with advertising: Retailers share their gains
Envision: seeing beyond magazine
Our feature on advertising provides a glimpse of what actually works for six Canadian optical retailers, ranging from the young and new, to the very experienced and well-established, and from large chains to small chains and a single-location store. You’ll also learn about three manufacturers who are advertising direct to consumers.

Lens Focus – Lenses for Sale
Portrait of a Designer – The Road to Blackfin: Corrado Rosson and Pramaor are Making History
Eye on Health – SMILE: A New Alternative to Laser Refractive Surgery
Legal Angle – When Emergency Strikes: Are You Prepared?
Making Contact Gonna Wipe That LWE Right Out of My Lid
Event Mido 2015 Sets New Standards for Attendance, Convenience
Event – 2015 VEE Show Shines Spotlight on New Products



July/August 2015
Feature Article – All About Dry Eye
Dry eye syndrome (DES) is an ‘old’ disease with a new definition, along with newly discovered causes, diagnostic tools and treatments. In this in-depth article we explore the latest information about causal factors, diagnoses and treatment.

Making Contact – What’s UPP with the Pricing Debate?
Portrait of a Designer – Art and the Business of Life: Frederic Beausoleil Fulfills His Destiny in Eyewear Design
Lens Focus – Dry Ideas
Managing Your Business – Putting the Power in Empowerment
Your money – Federal Budget Cuts Small Business Taxes
Event – AOE: An educational happening!
Event – OAO Symposium & InfoMart Brings Excellence to Toronto





September/October 2015
Feature Article – Lenses for the Digital Age: Digital Eyestrain and Blue Light Dangers Impact New Designs
Digital devices have changed our world in so many ways, reshaping our brains, affecting our vision and also transforming lens designs and coating features. Our feature examines these phenomena and reviews the latest in lenses and coatings.

Eye on Health – Smoking and Eye Health
Lens Focus – Back to School
Making Contact – Microbes Be Gone!
Special Report – Innovative Technique Restores Sensation in Eye
Portrait of a Designer  – Blake Kuwahara: An Embarrassment of Riches





November/December 2015
Feature Article – Taming the Tiger: Internet Retailing for the Bricks and Mortar Crowd
Internet-based retailing of eyewear is not the elephant in the room, but rather the tiger in the room for bricks and mortar locations. This article explores the current state of affairs and outlines options that can help you tame this tiger and even befriend it.

Portrait of a Designer – Area98: The Art of Colour
Interview – Mido Wows the World: An Interview with Mido President Cirillo Marcolin
Eye on Industry – CENOCO/Central Optical Company: Framing Eyes and Making History
Making Contact – Building a Better Lens Case
Event – Optical Show with a VEW
Event – Sun Shines Bright on Silmo