2013 Issues

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January/February 2013
Feature Article – Luxury Tells A Tale: The Best of the Best Stories in Luxury Frames
The allure of luxury eyewear captivates us: buffalo horn, the finest woods, precious metals, gems and crystals. Each frame has a story to tell and each wearer becomes part of a narrative that begins with exclusivity.

Portrait of a DesignerTim Van Steenbergen: Old Values in a New World
Making ContactWere You Out When Opportunity Knocked?
Eye on HealthRetinitis Pigmentosa
Legal Angle – Biomedical Ethics and the Vision Industry: Shared Decision-Making is Key
Managing Your Business – Keeping Track of Your Cash Flow
Your Money – Preparing for the New Year
Literary ReviewBook Review: 201 Secrets of a High-Performance Optometric Practice, by Bob Levoy
Milestone –  Fashion’s Perfect Fit: FYSH UK and Jeanne Beker!
 –  Defying Expectations: Optifair Excites and Unites the Vision Professions
Event – Hong Kong Optical Fair Lauded as Major Success
Careers – Let Your Resume Do its Job

March/April 2013
Ophthalmic Equipment Takes a Giant Leap: Who Benefits?
There’s a whole new world of optical equipment on offer this year, from the latest aberrometers to highly sophisticated diagnostic machinery. And new developments in edgers, blockers and surfacers make production so much easier. Our feature includes all of these, plus the perspective of professionals on how equipment changes may transform standards of practice.

Eye on IndustryThe Future Keeps Us Focused: Tura Stays on Track with Fashion
Making ContactIncompatible Solutions?
Portrait of a DesignerThe Accidental Designer: Cynthia Shapiro Comes into Her Own
Lens FocusHow American Tolerance Standards Influence Prescription Lens Quality in Canada
Eye on HealthLooking at Cataracts
Legal AngleCanada’s Pharmaceutical Pipeline: A Promising Future for Ophthalmics
Managing Your BusinessMastering Financial Literacy
Your MoneyCanadians Turning to Online Investing
EventTransitions Academy Ignites Passion and Creates Fun
EventMunich Optical Show Garners Rave Reviews
SparkYour Future is in the Cards


May/June 2013
Feature Article – Accessories: Giving Customers What They Want

From eyewear-related jewelry to product delivery packaging and attractive cleaning suppliers, it pays to give consumers what they want and need. Are you making the most of accessories in your store? If not, you’re sending business down the road! Why would you do that?

Technology – Google Glass: A Scary and Amazing Invention
Lens Focus – Free-form and Function
Portrait of a Designer – Keplinger Brings New Design Dimensions to Silhouette
Making Contact – Myopia Control with OK Lenses
Eye on Health – Shining a Light on FAF
Managing Your Business – Who’s Afraid of the Internet?
Eye on Industry – Transitions Optical: Driving Consumers Your Way
Your Money – Federal Budget Rates a ‘B’
Legal Angle – University of Waterloo: Bridging the Gap for Foreign ODs
Event – Three ‘Os’ Collaborate in Political Event Leading up to B.C. Election
Event – Want a Hot Exhibitor Ticket? BCAO’s OPTOFAIR is For You
Event – MIDO Moves: Italy’s Economy Doesn’t Hold This Tiger Down
Event – Vision Expo East Hits New High with Innovative Media and Technology

July/August 2013
Feature Article – Meeting The Blue Light Challenge
Blue light is unavoidable. And while many people are unfamiliar with the hazards it poses, blue light can seriously damage the eyes – especially those of children and older people. Here’s a look at some new products designed to address the dangers posed by blue light.

Portrait of a Designer – Argyleculture by Frame Impresario Russell Simmons
Making Contact – Confusing Side Effects: Drug Interactions and Contact Lenses
Managing Your Business – Tougher Rules for Credit Card Processing Companies
Discovering – Incredible New Hope for the Amblyopic Brain
Eye on Health – Exploring Optical Coherence Tomography
Legal Angle – Making Vision Care Less Remote for Canada’s Aboriginal Population
Lens Focus – On-Site Edging Shouldn’t Mean a Change in the Lenses You Dispense
Event – Asian Optical Fair Offers the Right Mix
Event – Italian Delegations Make Connections
Spark – Be Yourself… With One Condition

September/October 2013
Feature Article – It’s Time To Celebrate The Leading Men In The Optical Industry
Who’s leading? Envision: seeing beyond magazine received many nominations for our feature in this issue: The Leading Men in Optical. The top picks in the following categories are yours to read about herein: Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Trailblazer, Leader and Designer. These gentlemen are truly inspiring!

Eye on Health – Optos: Seeing the Bigger Picture
Portrait of a Designer
 – Thierry Lasry: Feeling the Love
Making Contact – Expanding the View
Eye on IndustryA Real Alternative
Lens Focus – The Battle to Understand the Sexes
Managing Your Business
 – Protecting Yourself from Fraud
Digital Marketing The Real Reasons People Shop Online
Special Report – DirectFrames.com – An Online Optical Services Alternative
Your Money How to Use Your Tax Refund
Legal Angle AMI: Accessible Media for One and All

November/December 2013
Feature Article – Sharpening the Sensory Edge
Sensory marketing is an increasingly popular technique for enhancing customer experience. And, at a time when online eyewear dispensers present bricks and mortar retailers with a significant challenge, sensory marketing offers the latter a great opportunity to distinguish themselves by creating truly memorable in-store shopping experiences.

Lens Focus – POP Art
Portrait of a Designer
 – The Power of Two
Making Contact – Quest for the Holy Grail
Eye on Industry – Sales Soar with Superior Office Design
Nutrition – Diabetes and Eye Health
Managing Your Business
 – Employee Fraud: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
Special Report – Untangling the Web of Online Eyewear Stores
Event – Silmo 2013: Small is Beautiful
Industry Interview – In Conversation with Cirillo Marcolin
Event – Vision Expo West Looks Back While Keeping an Eye on the Future