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                                                                                          LENS T E CHNOL OG Y UP D A T E

                                                                                           [  Essilor Canada’s “See No Limits” campaign  ]
             Good vision is essential to achieving a person’s full
             potential. That’s the message of Essilor Canada’s   enter the world of progressive lenses at a very affordable
             “See No Limits” campaign, designed to raise awareness   price. Varilux X series™, Varilux Physio 3.0 and Varilux
             among young presbyopes  of the importance of   Comfort Max are all included in the offer, which is
             progressive lenses in general and Varilux® lenses in   dedicated to first-time wearers of progressive lenses.
             particular.                                    This will allow ECPs to equip new wearers with
                                                            the Varilux experience, which offers outstanding
             The campaign celebrates three characters — an architect    sharpness at any distance. 
             (Raphael), a paper sculpture artist (Jade) and a
             geographer (Quitterie) – who explore the limits of  Essilor Canada has also launched a new combination
             their passions, making sharp near-to-far vision an inte- of the vibrant Transitions® Style Colors with Varilux E
             gral part of their success. Drawing inspiration from the  and X series™ lenses. Four new colours are available,
             world around them, these individuals find a solution   including Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald and Amber.
             in Varilux lenses, which offer a seamless transition
             between near-to-far vision and allow them to see their   ECPs can use Varilux Discovery to introduce progressive
             surroundings clearly and examine the tiniest details.  lenses to young presbyopes. This interactive tool
                                                            allows  consumers  to compare  Varilux  Comfort Max
             “See No Limits” is a 360-degree campaign that takes   lenses with  single  vision  lenses,  helping  them  to
             advantage of every step of the consumer journey. In   immediately understand how the visual technology
             addition to 15- and 30-second television spots on   works and better manage their expectations.
             Canada’s major networks, consumers are exposed to
             the campaign on social media, online, in traditional  Varilux Discovery is exclusive to Essilor Experts
             print and digital media, and at their ECP’s.   partners. To learn more, see the brochure at https://
             As part of the campaign, Essilor has a welcome offer  Discovery%20Brochure_EN_FINAL%20%281%29.
             at attractive pricing, which allows young presbyopes to   pdf?dl=0.

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