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                         Cover Story

                                                 2021 LENS TECHNOLOGY UPDATE

                                                 From lenses that halt myopia in children, to the latest lens
                                                 innovations for seniors and everyone in between, our annual
                                                 special lens feature brings the most significant new developments
                                                 to the fore.

                          Making Contact  20     Keep Contact Lens Patients Coming Back

                     Portait of a Designer  24   Diego Kim: This Accidental Designer Is Wowing the World

                                          26     The Buzz

                                           30    Trendwatch

                                          34     Spotlight

                                          36     Market Place

                                              DEVELOPMENTAL OPTOMETRY
                    in the next issue         There is growing interest in the field of developmental optometry as an option
                    / NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2021 /  for remediation of binocular vision dysfunction, amblyopia, strabismus,
                                              learning-related vision problems and TBIs. What is the evidence to support the
                                              benefits of vision therapy and rehabilitation? How do practitioners respond to
                                              the criticisms of some members of the medical community? And how can vision
                                              therapy help ECPs grow their practices?

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