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                                                  LENS TECHNOLOGY

                                                        Cover Story
                                                      By JoAnne Sommers

                                      s  technology  continues  to  have changed as a result of lifestyle
                                      evolve, so, too, do advances  changes brought on by the COVID-19
                                      in eyewear. Today you can   pandemic, while the demand for lenses
                                      find lenses that will reduce   has also increased.
                            Aeye  strain,  enabling  people
                             to work or play on their electronic    This makes it essential for ECPs to be
                             devices with greater comfort. We are   aware of the many new developments in
                             seeing trends towards improved myopia    this dynamic field. Just as importantly,
                             management,  especially for children   they must know how to communicate
                             and young people, as well as migraine
                             treatment, improved coatings that help   the advantages these lenses offer to the
                             lenses to last longer, and more.   customers who can benefit from them.

                             The  point  of  these  and  many  other   Now, let’s take a look at some of the most
                             breakthrough technologies is to improve   interesting and innovative advances to
                             the quality of life for people with   come from the world’s lens manufacturers
                             vision challenges. Consumers’ needs  in recent months.

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