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          LENS T E CHNOL OG Y UP D A T E

                                                                                                                                                                                                     SPRINTING INTO
                                                                                                                                                                                                     WHAT’S NEXT
                                         NEUROLENS: BEYOND VISUAL ACUITY           [  The NMD2 is an objective, accurate and repeatable way to measure eye alignment. ]
         “    Optometrists report        Inspired by a breakthrough discovery
                                         linking optometry and neurology,
               record  numbers of
                                         Neurolens has unlocked a new dimension
             patients complaining        of vision care for Canadians.
         of headaches, eye strain        Lifestyle changes in the wake of the
                                         pandemic mean that increasing numbers
                   and neck pain         of people are working and studying at
                  associated with        home and optometrists report record
                                      “  headaches, eye strain and neck pain
                eye misalignment.        numbers of patients complaining of
                                         associated with eye misalignment.
                                         The condition is much more pronounced                                                   Welcome to the improved, extra-                       PERFORMANCE NOTES:
                                         when focusing on an object at close                                                     fast performance of Transitions®                      • Clear indoors & at night
                                         range and our growing reliance on digital
                [ Increasing patients complain of headaches, eye strain and neck pain. ]
                                         devices means these symptoms have                                                       XTRActive® New Generation.                            • Hint of tint indoors in bright light
                                         become increasingly prevalent.                                                                                                                • Extra darkness outdoors in sunlight

                                         Neurolenses help to alleviate these                                                     These lenses start clear indoors, achieve extra
                                         problems by bringing the eyes back into                                                 darkness outdoors in the sun, and fade back           • Darkens midway in the car on sunny days
                                         comfortable alignment. To achieve this,                                                 faster than ever before.                              • Fades back 35% faster than previous gen
                                         Neurolens identifies who is a symptomatic
                                         patient,  then provides  an objective,                                                                                                        • Great for light-sensitive patients
                                         precise, repeatable  measurement  of  the                                               FOR WHOM?
                                         patient’s alignment. It then incorporates                                               For light-sensitive patients, Transitions XTRActive   • Extra-dark activation, even in
                                         a technology called “contoured prism,”                                                                                                          warm climates
                                         which intelligently places the correction                                               New Generation lenses are a convenient solution
                                         in the patient’s lenses where it’s needed                                               for eye comfort, because they activate faster,        • Flash mirror coating can be applied at lab
                                         most.                                                                                   and provide extra protection from bright light

                                         These premium lenses can be customized   Riverside Opticalab Group will be the          & harmful blue light indoors, in the car, and         AVAILABLE NOW
                                         for every patient and are available in  lab distribution partner for Canadian                                                                 IN GRAY & BROWN:
                                         any  prescription.  They  are  also  a  great   Neurolens  customers.  “With  this      outdoors.
                                         solution for contact lens wearers or   partnership, Neurolens providers can                                                                   • 1.50 Hard Resin
                                         patients without a prescription. They  expect excellent customer service,               HOW?                                                  • Polycarbonate
                                         come standard in high-quality materials   superior product quality, a wider product     Transitions XTRActive New Generation lenses
                                         and with high-quality anti-reflective  offering and faster delivery times,”                                                                   • 1.67 High-Index MR-10™
                                         coatings.                           said Martin L’Espérance, business                   use a breakthrough, exclusive, multi-layer matrix
                                         Studies show that 93 per cent of patients   development consultant for Neurolens.       which hosts new Transitions XTRActive broad-          • 1.74 High-Index
                                         have  experienced  symptom  relief  from   “Our mission is to go beyond visual          spectrum dyes for more darkness in every              • Trilogy®
                                         wearing Neurolenses. And 81.6 per cent   acuity by helping people see and feel          bright-light situation.
                                         of those suffering from chronic daily   better, and this partnership will help                                                                • More available soon
                                         headaches reported their symptoms   enable Neurolens to deliver on that
                                         were substantially reduced or “basically   mission in Canada.”                          Ask your Canadian optical laboratory today for
                                         gone” after wearing Neurolenses for 90  To become a Neurolens provider, contact
                                         days. Many Neurolens wearers say they And to learn more,            Transitions® XTRActive® New Generation lenses
                                         have greatly reduced or even eliminated  visit (English) or             from Younger Optics.
                                         the need for pain-relieving medications. (French).
                                                                                                                                 Transitions and XTRActive are registered trademarks and the  Transitions logo is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc., used under license by Transitions Optical Limited.
                                                                                                                                 IMAGE and Trilogy are registered trademarks & Camber is a trademark of Younger Mfg. Co. MR-10 is a trademark of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Photochromic performance is influ-
      10  /  SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2021   /  /                                                           enced by temperature, UV exposure, and lens material.

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