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                                                                                         LENS T E CHNOL OG Y UP D A T E

               “   Today, people are           TRANSITIONS OPTICAL AND YOUNGER OPTICS:    hint of protective tint in bright indoor

              experiencing  increased          A WINNING COMBINATION              locations, and are helpful in reducing

           symptoms of eye strain and          Transitions Optical has unveiled    blue  light  exposure  to  the  eyes  from
                                               Transitions® XTRActive® New Generation
        discomfort, whether inside from        lenses. Now with faster activation and   electronic devices as well as the sun.”
                 electronic screens or         faster fade-back, Transitions XTRActive    Today,  people  are  experiencing
                                                                                  increased symptoms of eye strain
                                               New Generation  lenses offer the best
            outdoors, and  Transitions         extra darkness and the best light    and discomfort, whether inside from
                XTRActive lenses were          protection  in  the   clear-to-dark   electronic screens or outdoors, and 
                                                                                  Transitions XTRActive  lenses were
                     designed with this        photochromic category.             designed with this in mind, noted
                                           “   lenses include features that enhance   Innovation, Technology & Operations,
                               in mind.        Transitions XTRActive New Generation    Brian  O’Neil,  global  vice  president,

                                               the wearer’s life in all settings. They are
                                                                                  Transitions Optical.  “Wearers of
                                               the darkest photochromic lenses in hot
                                               temperatures and the only photochromic    Transitions Optical technology want
                                                                                  flexibility between indoors, outdoors
                                               lenses achieving category 3 levels of   and driving in order to be better
                                               darkness at 35 degrees Celsius. In    protected at all times. The new generation
                                               addition, Transitions XTRActive New    of Transitions XTRActive provides light
                                               Generation lenses are the only     protection, regardless of the situation.”
                                               photochromic lens achieving category
                                               2 levels of darkness in the car, offering    Transitions XTRActive New Generation
                                               maximum darkness  at  23 degrees    lenses are available in gray and brown.
                                               Celsius with no driving restriction.   Earlier this year,  Transitions Optical

                                               The technology also offers the best    began the rolling launch of Transitions
                                               protection against harmful blue light   XTRActive Polarized™ in Canada. Like
                                               across more light situations, including   Transitions XTRActive New Generation
                                               the best blue light protection indoors. As   lenses, they provide extra protection for
                                               with  all  Transitions lens technologies,    eyeglass wearers who frequently find
                                               they block 100 per cent  of UVA and   themselves in intense light situations or
                                               UVB rays.                          are very light-sensitive.
                                               Compared to the Transitions XTRActive    Transitions XTRActive Polarized is an
                                               lenses already on the market, this new   extension of the Transitions XTRActive
                                               generation is darker overall, darker in   range, bringing the additional benefits
                                               hot temperatures and in the car, and   of polarization to the extra-dark
                                               up to 35 per cent faster to fade back.    photochromic category. They are
                                               These advances are possible, thanks to   designed for patients who want extra
                                               nano-composite matrix  technology,   protection in high-glare situations. The
                                               combined with new, extra-powerful   unique polarization technology reduces
                                               broad-spectrum dyes, which activate in   glare outdoors, providing sharper
                                               both the UV and visible light spectrum.  vision, a larger field of view and bright,
                                                                                  vivid colours.
                                               Said David Rips, president & CEO of
                                               Younger Optics, “Transitions XTRActive    Like Transitions XTRActive New
                                               New  Generation  lenses  start  clear    Generation lenses, Transitions XTRActive
                                               indoors, darken moderately in the car,   Polarized lenses are available through
                                               and achieve extra darkness outdoors   Younger Optics in Canada.
                                               in the sun. The New Generation of  Eyecare  professionals  can  learn  more
                                               XTRActive photochromic dyes are   about the benefits of Transitions
                                               formulated  to achieve  an ultra-dark   XTRActive New Generation and
                                               activation state even faster than before.  Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses
                                               XTRActive New Generation lenses are  on a new virtual learning platform at
                                               always active, meaning they provide a

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