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              LENS T E CHNOL OG Y UP D A T E

                                                                                     [ Pure Blue UV is an innovative lens material with light purification technology. ]
           “   Studies show that        NIKON’S PURE BLUE: STYLISH ALL-IN-ONE

          Canadians now spend           PROTECTION
                  an average of         For most people, exposure to blue light  Pure  Blue UV  lenses are the most
                                     “  Canadians now spend an average of   tint or unsightly blue reflection, and
          11 hours a day in front       has grown significantly as the amount  aesthetically pleasing lens solution
                                        of time we spend in front of electronic  available, providing a clear lens
                     of a screen.       screens has increased. Studies show that  appearance, with no yellowish residual

                                        11 hours a day in front of a screen.
                                                                            clear lens. Pure Blue UV is the best-looking
                                        And while many people are aware of the   visual clarity that is very close to that of a
                                                                            solution  compared to standard lenses
                                        dangers  of  prolonged  exposure  to  blue   with similar levels of protection.
                                        light, along with the potential risk of
                                        age-related macular degeneration and  Pure Blue UV is available in all lens
                                        other eye diseases, they are also concerned   designs, excluding NLAS, SOLO and
                                        about the look of their lenses, expressing   Kids. It is also available in 1.50, 1.60 and
                                        hesitation about using blue-cut lenses   1.67 indexes, all of which come with front
                                        because of their appearance.        and back side UV protection.
                                        That’s where Nikon’s Pure Blue UV  Pure Blue UV is available in SeeCoat
                                        comes in. Pure Blue UV is an innovative   Next and SeeCoat Next Blue coatings.
                                        lens material with light purification   And for extra protection, Pure Blue UV
                                        technology. Molecules embedded within   lenses combined with SeeCoat Next Blue
                                        the lens intelligently filter out UV  increase blue light absorption by up to 40
                                        rays and up to 35 per cent of harmful   per cent*.
                                        blue light before they can reach the
                                        patient’s eyes, protecting them without    *The aesthetic benefit of the Pure Blue UV lens could
                                        compromising the aesthetics.        be affected.

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