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                 OP T IC AL W E AR A BLE S

                              My Vision Show, the innovative online  VTO  AVATAR,  they  can  create  their
                              platform that has provided thousands  own avatar in seconds and try on
                              of eyecare professionals with a more  frames that way. VTO PICTURE uses
                              accessible way to view and participate  a selfie or picture to try on frames.
                              in livestream events, has now taken its  PlanetVA has human model try-ons in

                              program to the next level with Optical  their pipeline, with which real images
                              Metaverse, an online virtual world  or ultra-realistic 3D human models
                              complete with interactive trade show  will present stores’ eyewear.
                              booths and controllable avatars that
                              eyecare professionals can use to navigate  “We provide eyewear companies with

                              the experience.                      a  low  barrier  to entry  into  the  world
                                                                   of Web 3.0,” says Heymbeek. (Web 3.0
                              PlanetVA launched its 3D Eyewear     is a new iteration of the web, centered
                              Viewer and Configurator at the first-ever     around the idea of ownership, which
                              Optical Metaverse event in October     removes control from the dominant
                              2022.  This  technology  is  a  web   big data companies and other central
                              app that allows for an immersive     authorities and gives it to the masses.)
                              presentation of eyewear, based on    “Our tools enable eyewear companies
                              the latest 3D technology. The app is     to be better prepared for the optical
                              intended to help consumers picture   metaverse and at the same time
                              their eyewear in photorealistic 3D,     improve their presence in Web 2.0 and
                              using a customizable, full-3D viewer.     build a bridge to Web 3.0,” he adds.
                              It allows the user to view and configure    “Users will start to expect 3D interactive
                              eyewear products interactively, with     experiences from retailers, online
                              configuration  options   such   as   and in-store, and wearables will be an
                              anti-reflective, photochromic, colour,   integral part of this trend, using
                              and mirror lenses, frame material,     technologies such as AI, AR/VR and
                              colour and texture, reflections and   mixed reality.”
                                                                   According to recent McKinsey research,
                              “The device gives consumers more
                              information about the various options    e-commerce is the largest potential
                              for each eyewear product. It also gives   driver of the economic impact of the
                              the user more confidence in the choices     metaverse. It was once believed that
                              they make regarding eyewear,” says   e-commerce could never provide a
                              Ludwig Heymbeek, the company’s       luxury experience  but  there  is  now
                              founder, adding that it can be used   recognition that it can lead to an
                              with any website or e-commerce site.  enhanced client experience. The
                                                                   metaverse has  the  potential  to create
                              Several VTO (virtual try-on) solutions   that  experience  and  tools  such  as
                              are available: VTO LIVE allows users   virtual try-ons and 3D product viewers
                              to try on frames  in real  time as  they  and configurators will be an important
                              would with an ordinary mirror. With  part of it.

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