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                                                                                          OP T IC AL  W E AR A BLE S

                                                                                                  [   The Magic5  ]

                          Fans of the hit U.S. business reality TV
                          show ‘Shark Tank’ will recognize the
                          name The Magic5 from the company’s
                          pitch to the sharks in October 2021. The
                          Magic5 are the first-ever swimming
                          goggles that are customized to the
                          wearer’s face in the same way as
                          standard eyeglass frames.            Users can browse the range of goggles
                                                               online; once a purchase is made, they
                          The idea behind the innovation is that   receive an email directing them to the
                          swimmers have the same wearability   face-scanning app that maps their face.
                          needs  as  the general  public  and  that   The app takes advantage of the newer
                          there was a gap in meeting the needs     iPhone’s TrueDepth camera technology,
                          of both amateur and professional     which means the scanning process for
                          swimmers. For professional swimmers,     these phones will be slightly different
                          a single drop of water in the goggles   from that of all other phones. The app
                          can be a major deterrent to peak     is currently available only on iPhones.
                          performance. The theory is that with
                          no leaks, facial marks or distractions  The  Magic5  offers  customers  a  fit
                          caused by ill-fitting goggles, users   guarantee: if the fit isn’t perfect, they
                          enjoy a better swimming experience.  will review the data used to build the
                                                               goggles and if they can’t fix it, they will
                          The goggles are tailor-made to fit the   refund the full purchase amount.
                          exact curvature of the eye sockets and
                          are treated with anti-fog material.  While the company doesn’t currently

                          They’re made to be worn with minimal  offer prescription goggles, a number of
                          tension on the strap and should not  former prescription goggles users have
                          create suction. In fact, they are the only  gone back to using goggles combined
                          goggles  on the market that don’t rely  with their contact lenses. The feedback
                          on suction for a tight seal: instead, they  has been extremely positive, with
                          use a tailor-made, custom-fitted gasket   users claiming that due to The Magic5’s
                          and nose piece which eliminate the  fit and visibility, they have an even

                          need  for  uncomfortable  tight-fitting  better  experience than when  wearing
                          straps.                              prescription goggles.

            For now, the prediction that smart phones will ultimately disappear seems to be far-fetched. While technology
            giants like Apple and Google continue to amp up their investments in smart glasses as part of the next digital
            revolution, ECPs will continue to seek out novel ways to capture and retain the attention of smart consumers
            whose focus is on optimized products accessed remotely.                                       n E

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