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Cover Story

                                                                                         OP T IC AL W E A R A BLE S

       “     In the optical

                world, the
          technology has
              become an
        important method
             of helping to
            ensure a more           One  example is  OCHO Vision,
                                    an immersive virtual app that
                  precise,          delivers a turnkey solution for

               customized           ECPs’  e-commerce  platforms,
                               “    and to enhance and personalize  OCHO is pre-loaded with over
                 eyeglass           featuring true-to-life eyeglass
                                    try-on technology. Its objective
                        fit.        is to optimize the quality of care,

                                    the consumer experience of   2,000 frame images that act as
                                    finding the perfect frame. OCHO,  an extension of an ECP’s frame
                                    a  division  of  Modern  Optical  boards. Shoppers can choose
                                    International,  sees  applications  from more than 600 pre-loaded
                                    for its use in mobile optical care  styles from Modern Optical
                                    vans, nursing homes, mobile  International,  the  company’s

                                    optometry schools in Canada  retail outfit. In addition, stores
                                    and remote communities.         have the option of uploading
                                                                    their own frame styles to the site.
                                    With easy-to-use filtering
                                    functionality, consumers can find  The OCHO app works best with
                                    their individual measurements,  any Apple device that has facial
                                    and preferred shape, style and  recognition and LiDAR (light
                                    colours and flag their favourites  detection and ranging) technology.

                                    from any remote location with  LiDAR is a method for determining
                                    an  iOS  device.  Using  sensors  ranges (variable distance) by
                                    and triangulation technology,  targeting an object with a laser
                                    OCHO captures monocular, as  and  measuring  the  time  for
                                    well as binocular, PD (pupillary  the reflected light to return to
                                    distance) measurements, and  the receiver. OCHO continually
                                    OC (ocular centre) height, vertex   tests the app because Apple is
                                    distance and other essential  constantly refining its facial
                                    data. Try-on links can be posted  recognition software. The app
                                    under each frame style. Once  a  can  be  customized  through  a
                                    consumer makes their selection,   white label so that it appears as a

                                    digital information can be  store product. There is also a web
                                    determined instantly, generating   version of the app, which can be
                                    a report that is sent to the  downloaded  from

                                    consumer’s optical store.       or the Google Play Store.

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