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                                                                                     TO LIFE

                                                        Cover Story
                                                        By Evra Taylor

                                         hen Google started  Wearable technology has already made
                                         selling Google Glass  its mark in several therapeutic areas
                                         to qualified “Glass   in modern medicine, most notably
                                         Explorers” in the U.S.  cardiology and diabetes, where sensors
                           Win 2013, the world’s  are used to capture and monitor key
                           first  smart  glasses  were  described  as  data, such as heart rate, blood pressure
                           “electronic informative AR glasses  and insulin levels. And its increasing
                           with clear  lenses.” Unfortunately, the  use in the optical industry is impacting
                           venture was fraught with wearability  lives through devices like smart glasses

                           and technology problems and was  and breakthrough technologies, such
                           short-lived, ending in 2015 when  as augmented reality (AR).
                           Google announced that it would stop
                           producing the Google Glass prototype.   For some people, AR is a portal to a
                           Since then, leading technology firms   fantasy world or a means to an escape
                           both within and outside the optical   - a diversion from their day-to-day
                           world have ventured into the AR and   reality. In the optical world, the
                           AI space with the hope of capturing    technology has become an important
                           consumers’ imaginations with next-gen    method of helping to ensure a more
                           eyewear that some pundits predict will   precise, customized eyeglass fit.
                           eventually replace smart phones.

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