Zyloware Releases New Brand Red Tiger


After experiencing great success with last summer’s release of their women’s designed to fit collection, Red Lotus by Zyloware™, Zyloware has developed Red Tiger by Zyloware™, the same concept, but for men.

Most eyewear is designed to fit Caucasian features, but many Europeans, Asians, and other ethnicities have different facial structures. The Red Tiger by Zyloware collection specifically addresses fitting challenges and aims to sit comfortably on the wearer’s nose, provide extra headroom at their temples and won’t rest on their cheekbones or sit too high or too low. All styles incorporate adjustable gooseneck nosepads and a wider angle of flare to accommodate those with a flatter bridge and high cheekbones.

The Red Tiger AM 501Z is a full rim rectangular-shaped zyl frame. The sleek metal plaque embellishment on the zyl temple is in an attractive unique boomerang shape and features a ribbed design. The wider angle of flare on this model provides extra headroom and comfort for the wearer.

The rectangular-shaped Red Tiger AM 504M is a full rim metal frame offered in two bold colours. The wrapping metal endpiece is extended, providing the wearer with a wider angle of flare and more headspace. The metal temples feature an eye-catching repeating pattern in an arrow shape. The frame has zyl temple tips and spring hinges for comfort and superb fit.

The Red Tiger AM 505M is a semi-rimless metal model in a rectangular shape. The metal endpiece features a ribbed design and connects the metal front to the thin zyl temples. Spring hinges provide comfort and streamlined fit for the wearer.

The Red Tiger AM 507Z is an on-trend full rim zyl frame with two metal rivets on the front for appeal. The rectangular model is offered in three fashionable colours and displays two metal rivets on the zyl temple. This frame incorporates adjustable gooseneck nosepads that allow the frame to rest comfortably on the wearer’s nose.