VEL Presents its New Novel and Novella Lenses

Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) has recently launched Novel and Novella conventional front side progressives, whose advanced technology makes them as good or better than many backside digital progressives across 80 per cent of the Rx range. The vast majority of customers rely on conventional PAL technology and these new PAL offerings provide them with the most advanced technology on the market.

“The Novel and Novella lenses’ iterative design process was driven by feedback from extensive wearer trials,” said Scott Schaller, VEL worldwide vice president of sales and marketing. “These trials went beyond lens maps and calculations; they took into account real-life wearer comfort in a wide variety of visual tasks and incorporated feedback for maximum performance and patient comfort. As a result, Novel and Novella lenses were optimized for smoothness and softness, the foremost factors in progressive lens comfort.”

The Novel general purpose lens has a 13-mm corridor and a 16.5-mm minimum fitting height, making it ideal for the broadest range of wearers and frame styles. Immediate polycarbonate availability includes clear, LifeRx photochromic and Coppertone polarized treatments. The company plans to release the new Novel design in plastic, including clear and photochromic, later this year.

With an 11-mm corridor and a 14-mm minimum fitting height, Novella lenses are the softest design available for smaller frame styles. New polycarbonate availability includes clear and LifeRx photochromic. Novella plastic will be released this year in clear and photochromic.

Novel and Novella are part of the Anthology series, a new family of premium progressive lenses sharing a common design philosophy, providing the most comfortable, natural vision for a wide range of presbyopes.