Silhouette : It’s All About Transparency

COS, the official Canadian distributor of Silhouette, has created a fresh approach for eyecare professionals to build their business. The Silhouette Joint Business Plan is a partnership between COS and their customers. The promotion offers ECPs to participate in a planned marketing campaign that is paid by the brand. This initiative is organized to benefit both parties.

In today’s Canadian market, the economy has slowed down and larger retailers are gaining new consumers with their competitive prices. The growing popularity of the Internet and online shopping also threatens the ECPs’ business. “According to our latest participation in a Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) survey  (Return to Sample), we have identified different locations where consumers shop for prescription eyeglasses” states marketing director of COS, Manuel Magini. The survey concluded that 13% of consumers shop at large retailers and 2% shop around the Web. ECP need to understand and address these current trends within the industry.

To implement this marketing campaign, COS has acquired databases in research and findings from PMB, BBM and Generation 5 to better understand the different market dynamics. Based on the research results,  the company has created a strategic concept and have acquired media placements that will most effectively reach their target market. COS will be targeting new and returning customers during the marketing campaign. The promotion will be communicated through various touch points surrounding the use of the web and a microsite. Traditional touch points include radio ads, public relations and in-store promotions.

To get a quick glimpse of the marketing campaign, COS invites you to visit Eyecare professionals who are interested in further information concerning the Silhouette Joint Business Plan should contact their regional Silhouette sales representative.