Ronor Expands Digital Printing on Essentials

MCQUADDigital printing is now available for the first time directly on the Ronor’s MC Quad bottle, offering unprecedented quality for both the printed image and the overall product. “Our devoted R&D team is constantly looking for new products and technologiesthat could be offered in a format to benefit our ECPs,” says Jenny Tzelardonis, communications director and brand manager.

The MC Quad is first in the Ronor Multi Clean range to offer digital printing, the large, flat surface lending itself well to being printed in this way. The possibilities are unlimited, as any high-quality image can be printed successfully. Ronor’s design team has put together a carefully selected image bank, which provides a more ready-to-go option as well.

“We have some very creative customers and have seen some really amazing artwork during the years, which is also what inspires us to continually expand our printing possibilities, “says Tzelardonis.