PURLUX: Pure Luxury for Lenses

Globex Enterprises, exclusive distributor of Rupp + Hubrach lenses in Canada, is pleased to offer their full line of multifocal and single-vision lenses, as well as their award-winning custom-made YSIS progressive and single-vision line with the only anti-reflective coating without any residual colour – PURLUX.

PURLUX’s new four-component refinement system provides the aesthetics for both good vision and appearance. With the colour neutrality of the new PURLUX Hellaplast, lenses appear pure and clear. The complex layered system allows lenses – with or without tinting – to remain unchanged.

PURLUX also includes a protective hardcoat GHnc and an excellent anti-static effect. The anti-static effect is 10 times higher than that achieved by conventional super-anti-reflective coatings. The GHnc hardcoat ensure the lenses are robust and durable.

The PURLUX anti-reflective coating without residual colour is uniquely manufactured by Rupp + Hubrach. The company offers a full line of progressive, bifocal and single-vision lenses and has been voted Number One by German opticians