Profit Center Lets ECPs Shine with Their Clientele

Profit Center Lets ECPs Shine with Their Clientele

Microclair, the Canadian-owned global leader in lens care systems, has created a profit centre that enhances the ECP’s image, while providing their clientele with the classiest and most effective way to keep their lenses looking top-notch. The display will be available this September from Shilling Optical.

In fact, the creators of fine Swiss timepieces use Microclair superior-grade microfiber polishing material worldwide. They ship one with every order so that retailers can keep the product shining in the most professional manner possible.

In sync with the fashion face of eyewear, the elegant black and white Microclair display and product packaging reflects the world of haute couture, where small luxuries are truly appreciated.

The display fits anywhere and helps eyecare professionals leverage an extra sale, while informing consumers about the importance of maintaining the value of their investment. While polishing the client’s lenses before the final fitting ECPs can easily explain why they use Microclair’s laboratory-proven superior material, composed of 50 per cent nylon and 50 per cent polyester. Everyone can feel and even see the difference in the soft, thick, rich-feeling fabric. Most importantly, Microclair cloths are super-absorbent. Laboratory tests proved what hands know by touch: Microclair cloths have more microfibers per inch, which explains why they do their job so well.

No one would dream of spending hundreds of dollars or more on a pair of high-quality imported leather shoes and not protecting them from the elements. Just as footwear retailers have finessed the art of the upsell, so, too, can eyecare professionals influence customers to take care of the eyewear they love.