Oakley Launches New Lens Technology That Enhances Snow Visibility

OakleyOakley Canada announced the release of PrizmTM, a revolutionary lens technology that dramatically enhances contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions.

The groundbreaking technology improves the eye’s ability to perceive detail in the snow, such as contours and texture, improving visibility so one can see clearly and ski or ride with more confidence.

“If there’s a product out there that can better your performance and technology that legitimately helps you, you need to have it. Prizm is solid for any kind of light. It’s at the forefront of what lens technology has to offer,” said slopestyle Olympic medalist Mark McMorris.

Prizm also works over a much wider range of light conditions than a traditional snow lens, so there is no need to switch lenses as conditions vary through the day.

The human eye is extremely sensitive to detail in certain colours, but that detail is lost in flat, low contrast white snow. Like an equalizer would boost treble or bass to enhance sound, Prizm lenses boost the sensitive colours and filter the rest, leaving vision with crisp detail that is not washed out by the flat light.

“This new technology takes the same approach as noise-cancelling headphones. It tunes down the irrelevant colours and lets you focus completely on the colours that are most important to your sport,” said Ryan Saylor, Oakley’s director of advanced product development. “This means that you won’t be distracted by background colours, and you can see all the contours and textures of the snow more clearly. You really won’t see snow the same way again.”

Prizm lens technology is on sale in the 2014 Oakley Snow Goggle Collection and is available in

three different lens options: black iridium, jade iridium and rose, giving consumers the perfect lens for any light condition.