Lenses with a Relaxation Effect

Rodenstock offers spectacle wearers up to age 45 a new relaxation solution to deal with frequently changing vision requirements in everyday life. This option called Aveo – “feeling well” in Latin – can be ordered separately and supports eyes when they adjust to different distances, making sure that they look fresher, more relaxed and more attractive all day long.

Whether we are reading, driving a car or working at the computer, our eyes must constantly adjust to new visual distances. On average, it happens at least 30,000 times a day. Over time, this can lead to shimmering, double images, unclear vision, streaming, burning or irritated eyes, a pressure feeling and headaches – in short, the « office eye syndrome. » Rodenstock Aveo can help alleviate the daily, additional strain on the eyes and support a dynamic and active lifestyle for spectacle wearers who are under 45 years old.

Thanks to a slight reading boost of 0.5 dioptres in the lower area of the lens, vision is less fatiguing. Even when frequently shifting the focus, absolutely clear and simultaneously relaxed vision is guaranteed right to the edge of the lens. Rodenstock Aveo reduces fatigue symptoms and makes eyes more efficient. That way, even a stressful day at work can be dealt with in a relaxed way.

All normal near and far vision spectacles from Rodenstock can be equipped with Aveo as an additional option.