Le Groupe Optique Plus Goes Eclectic

Le Groupe Optique Plus Goes Eclectic

Le Groupe Optique Plus has introduced two new lines, Tulipe Noire and De Stijl. Worlds apart in style, these two collections are both designed and manufactured by the Dutch company, Eurovisie.

Tulipe Noire eyewear, part of the You’s series, is distinguished by a trendy design and a perfect finish. The eight models for women, currently being offered by the distributor in four colours, are specifically designed for those looking for recognition of their personal identity – stylish, distinctive and high quality.

Floral prints are at the base of the Tulipe Noire ladies’ collection. The temples feature elegant, stylised floral motifs which add that chic look to them. The styles and motifs are available in a balanced range of neutral colours, set against a black or other deep colour background.

On the other hand, the De Stijl collection, named after a Dutch movement of the ‘20s, follows in the footsteps of the artists that founded this organization. Each model’s basic design is a search for harmony through the use of lines and right angles and for the balance between the colours underlining the composition. The various elements are combined into an architectural entity without the use of screws or welding on the hinges, which is the real masterpiece within each frame.

All metal components used in De Stijl frames are manufactured from stainless steel. The highly durable, non-allergenic material provides a very comfortable wear. Ion Plating technology has been used to create the majority of the colour tones. Originating in the aviation industry, this technology ensures an extremely durable coloured layer. Le Groupe Optique Plus offers 11 models for men, each one in a choice of four different colours.