i2i Eyewear Will Distribute Issey Miyake

i2i Eyewear is proud to announce an exclusive licensing and distribution agreement with Issey Miyake Eyewear for Canada. “We are very excited about this collection and having the distribution rights for all channels of trade allows us to maintain the integrity of the label and ensure proper placement of the collection,” says i2i Eyewear President Minaz Mawji.

This is the first optical and sunglass collection from Issey Miyake to be presented in Paris. The project is based on an exclusive licensing agreement between Miyake Design Studio and i2i Eyewear for the Canadian distribution of the eyewear collection and the Issey Miyake label.

The collection is characterized by its simple yet radical, sharp yet comfortable design. The major characteristics lie in the original and technologically innovative hinge that is made possible not only by the latest technology but also attention to function. The innovative and functional design represents the spirit of Issey Miyake.

Particularly on the temples, the design concept of the STREAM eyewear collection reflects the serene or turbulent flow of our lives.

The collection is comprised of three different temple designs for men and women and includes a total of 30 shapes, made with metal or acetate fronts.

The careful attention to lightness and aesthetic simplicity is reflected in the way the different materials are worked out: milled acetate is designed to accentuate the sensation of fluidity while the combination of stainless steel and milled acetate with the reversed tip end shape visually lengthens the silhouette of the side.

The colours, worked in different shades or subtle contrasts, come in a wide range of metallic greys, deep blacks, gun blues, whitened silvers, and muted plums in semi-matte, brushed or antique finishes and are enhanced on the men’s sunglasses with bright orange or watery green end tips.

Reflecting the high quality of the designer eyewear, particular attention has been paid to the finishing touches, such as hand-polishing, IM-signed nosepads and other fine details.