DrPatch Launches an Innovative Tool

DrPatch Launches an Innovative Tool

The path of a healthy lifestyle is directly linked to having the right information at the right time. Yet in the eyecare field, patients must usually scramble to keep track of a good deal of information from various professionals, sorting it out on their own.

To help them document the health of their eyes, DrPatch has created two distinctive visual health records. The Eyeful is designed for children while the Visionary aims at adults. Each 24 pages unit contains the following elements:

–          Beautiful illustrations of the eye anatomy to exemplify the explanations of the eyecare professional;

–          Information on the patient’s prescription;

–          Pages for notes about frames and contact lenses;

–          Space to write down appointments with ECPs;

–          A useful glossary on scientific terms;

–          Pages for notes related to one’s eye health;

–          A handy pocket for prescriptions.

These elements are highlighted by a unique, distinctive, graphic design that will encourage patients to bring their visual health record with them when they visit their eyecare professionals. Thus, all relevant information is within convenient reach in a single, comprehensive, document.

ECPs can distribute versions of the DrPatch visual health record carrying their own brand to their clients. Its usefulness, unique graphic design and high print quality will strengthen the professional’s fame. It is thus an effective loyalty building tool and the ideal complement to existing promotional initiatives.

For details, go on Web at www.eye-patch-info.com/patient-health-record.html.