Transitions Receives 2011 Gallup Great Workplace Award

For the second year in a row, Transitions Optical is being honored with the Gallup Great Workplace of the Year Award, which recognizes the most engaged and productive companies in the world.

The Gallup Great Workplace Award is based on rigorous workplace research. Companies are evaluated by a panel of workplace experts on multiple criteria, including response rates, overall engagement levels and evidence of engagement impact on performance. Results are compared acrossGallup’s workplace research database comprised of millions of work teams in more than 100 countries.

“Each year we review thousands of businesses and recognize just a small number with the Gallup Great Workplace Award,” said Tom Rath, who leadsGallup’s Workplace and Leadership Consulting practice. “Transitions Optical has set a new global standard for employee engagement and productivity. We applaud them for their year long efforts to create an ideal workplace environment.”

“There’s no question that employee engagement has been a strong contributor to our success,” said Dave Cole, chief operating officer, Transitions Optical. “The efforts and commitment that our team puts forth on a day-to-day basis are what make Transitions Optical’s culture unique. We congratulate our entire team for earning this well-deserved recognition two years in a row.”

SeeCoat Plus, Nikon’s Latest and Most Advanced Lens Coating

Building on the well-established Nikon SeeCoat, SeeCoat Plus offers an even more extensive range of benefits. Nikon’s anti-static property prevents the build-up of static electricity so dust and other dry elements do not cling to the lens surface.

Moreover, thanks to the Ultra Tough Nanoflex HC, the reformulated and balanced chemical composition of the hard coat and primer enhances the coating flexibility and adhesion to the substrate, thus improving its resistance level to chucking pressure. Lastly, with the Interference Fringe Control (IFC) technology, SeeCoat Plus lenses on average have the least amount of colour variation in their reflection.

SeeCoat Plus is available in 1.50 index in Stock (aspheric) and Rx and, it will officially replace SeeCoat in 1.50 index. SeeCoat Plus will become available on all indices later this year.

ZEISS Introduces 100 Per Cent Customized Wrap Lenses

Carl Zeiss Vision announces the introduction of a full line of customized ZEISS lens designs created specifically for highly wrapped lenses. This line includes three wrap-specific customized lens designs (ZEISS Individual® PAL Wrap, ZEISS GT2® 3D Wrap, and ZEISS GT2 3D Short Wrap), as well as ZEISS Individual SV Wrap for single vision wearers.

The combination of advanced customized design and Carl Zeiss Vision’s proprietary Rx and prism compensation widens the area of clear vision in ZEISS Wraps by as much as 50 per cent over standard lens designs in wrap frames. In addition, ZEISS wrap lenses feature the same customization approaches as their standard-frame equivalents. Depending on the specific design chosen, this may include prescription customization, an adjustable corridor and compensation for the way the lenses fit the wearer’s face.

All ZEISS Wrap designs are available in clear, Transitions® grey and brown, and NuPolar® Polarized grey and brown, in 1.50 hard resin and 1.59 polycarbonate materials. All ZEISS Wrap lenses come with Carat Advantage AR included.

Rodenstock Presents the New ColorMatic IQ Photochromatic Lenses

This year marks the introduction of ColorMatic IQ® intelligent ophthalmic lenses from Rodenstock, an in-house development from a company that has been the undisputed pioneer of photochromism for more than 40 years. ColorMatic IQ®, which was just released inCanada in high index plastic in 1.6 and 1.67, is the photochromatic lens with the fastest lightening in the market. To spectacle wearers, this means an even greater advantage, because the first seconds are decisive when changing to other light conditions.

As a photochromatic lens, ColorMatic IQ automatically adapts to the light conditions of its surroundings. The lenses lighten noticeably faster in the first two minutes, compared with other products. This makes the self-tinting lenses the perfect companion for active and comfort-oriented spectacle wearers and outdoor enthusiasts, who really value maximum reliability and the greatest wearing comfort.

The attractive plastic lenses with an index of 1.67 or 1.6 are particularly thin, which ensures an elegant look and a pleasant feeling for the wearer, even for those with greater visual impairments. ColorMatic IQ® is available as a single-vision or progressive lens and provides optimum light protection. Fully 100 per cent of harmful UVA and UVB radiation is absorbed. The lenses also perform an anti-aging function. Due to their perfect UV-400 protection, the lenses protect the sensitive skin around the eyes, and the wearer simply looks younger.

Available in three colours – grey, brown and green – where all its competitors’ products are only available in grey and brown, the ColorMatic IQ stands for the highest quality, the best materials, and innovation that is “engineered inGermany. »

Crizal by Essilor: New Product, TV Ad Campaign and Consumer Promotion

From mid-May to the end of October Essilor will present a complete and powerful program including Crizal Sapphire™, a national TV ad campaign and consumer promotion advertised on the Essilor UV Report to support eyecare Professionals in their efforts to sell Crizal lenses to consumers.

Crizal Sapphire, the clearest lens ever created, completes the range that already includes Crizal EC, Crizal Forte and Crizal® Sun™, thus offering an antireflective solution to meet the needs of every eyeglass wearer. Crizal Sapphire maximizes light transmission through the lens for ultimate clarity of vision and presents 50% less reflection than Crizal Forte for enhanced visual comfort and greater aesthetic appeal. Its light blue residual reflection is barely visible to the eye. Its exceptional super-hydrophobic, antistatic and scratch-resistance properties are the result of Essilor exclusive patented technologies.

From May 30 to the end of October, Crizal will star in a national advertising campaign that will air on major television networks. More than 10 million Canadian consumers will be reached 8.3 times! Demonstrating the benefits of wearing Crizal lenses every day, the campaign is designed to increase traffic to your store, make it easier for you to sell Crizal and grow your business.

From July 1 to September 30, a Crizal promotion for consumers will give them the chance to win one of four travel certificates worth $7 500 each. The Go Your Way Crizal promotion will be advertised on The Essilor UV Report on the Weather Network and City-Page on and will invite consumers to visit their eyecare professional to participate.

A New Concept for Optical Lenses

Lensnet Club LLC announces the launch of a unique concept inCanadaand the signing of an exclusive license with DirectLab Network. The concept introduces a new solution for independent eyecare professionals to help them improve their profit margins. offers over 15 collections of HD lenses online and a wide selection of personalized lenses (in all materials and indexes) from worldwide manufacturers recognized and approved by the top labs in the U.S., Europe, China, Korea, India, Japan and Canada. All are delivered within seven days or they are free under certain conditions explained on the company’s website.

The goal is simple: to enable professionals to save up to 60 per cent off the cost of ophthalmic lenses, thus enabling them to better compete with Internet sales to consumers and providing a valid alternative to major chains with large-scale purchasing power.

A company spokesperson says the platform is adapted to the current optical lens market, similar to what does for the travel market.

Joining the club is very easy. Professionals are invited to use the platform of online ordering through Lensnet Club. The system then allows them to choose the right product for their needs at the most economical cost.

Lensnet Club invites ECPs to register and visit