Avalon Eyewear Adds Romeo Gigli to its Portfolio

Romeo_GigleAvalon Eyewear has announced an exclusive distribution agreement for Romeo Gigli Eyewear with Italy-based manufacturer Logoproject Design. The new collection, a full range of optical styles and sunglasses debuted at this year’s Vision Expo East. Designed and handmade in Italy, 17 ophthalmic and six sunwear designs are slated for release throughout 2014.

The collection is all about simplicity of form, bringing the focus of each style down to the essence of shape, which has all been rendered in beautiful Italian acetates. Additional features such as European hinges, metal trim, discrete branding, and subtle textured finishing details can be found throughout the line.

“The collection reflects the masterful Italian style of the iconic designer and aims to create innovative styles in tune with modern trends of high fashion, with exquisite Italian taste and international flair,“ says Avalon Eyewear Vice-President David Pildes. “Romeo Gigli is a brand that embodies a legend of unique and inimitable style that is one of the most prestigious international brands in the luxury goods market.”

The Romeo Gigli brand story began in New York in 1979. Initial training as a tailor in the classical tradition allowed the designer to learn the fine points of the craft and to develop his creative talent. The impeccable technique learned during this formative period is at the foundation of the Romeo Gigli brand’s style.

In addition to Romeo Gigli, Avalon produces and distributes its own trademark brands including Deja vu, Wired, Vavoom, Avalon, K12, Elan, Bookmark and Parade. Additionally, they also distribute a full range of cases and optical accessories through their Avalon Accessories division.