An Audacious Clip-On System from Audace Lunettes

An Audacious Clip-On System from Audace Lunettes

Audace Lunettes introduces a revolutionary system for ECPs, enabling them to design custom clip-ons for their clients. They receive the tailor-made product in 48 hours.

The clip-on system, called COLOR clip, comes with a work station installation at the eyecare professional’s office. The ECP takes a digital image of the frame, then designs the clip-on and sends the information to the lab. The clip-on is made from the specifications within 48 hours, ready to be delivered to the patient.

The clip-on system allows the professional to completely respect the shape of the frame, while allowing unique design elements that makes it funny and funky. All lenses are made from triacetate material. There is a choice of 5 different colours with polarized treatment at no extra cost. The clip, a full mask of cellulose triacetate, has no bridge and no metal bare.

The new system guarantees that wearing the clip will not damage the frame’s paint or scratch the lens, thanks to a hook made of a soft material.

“The eyecare professional appreciates the system for the flexibility in its design, the rapid delivery and the unique services they provide,” says Audace Lunettes President Alain Lachambre. “The digital imaging system also allows the ECP to sell a clip to a walk-in customer since there is no need to keep the frame. You digitalize the frame in 20 seconds and the work is on its way. With such ease and simplicity, many clients see this as an opportunity to offer products that will increase revenue and service distinction,” he adds.

It is clear that this new service will change the landscape of clip offering. Lachambre believes that in a highly competitive market, where consumers have a multitude of options, it is more important than ever to embrace technology that provides a unique, quick, value-added service.