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January/February 2012
Feature Article – Men’s Eyewear
Men’s eyewear used to be a bore. But today, men are taking their place at the forefront ofmagazine cover eyewear fashion with more brands, collections, colours, shapes and materials designed to appeal just to them. Envision: seeing beyond surveys this exciting market and reports back from the newest frontier of eyewear fashion.

Success Story WestGroupe’s Future in Good Hands as it Celebrates its First Half-Century
Lens FocusPerfect Fit
SparkI can Sing
Portrait of a DesignerDutz Designer Scores Big in Competitive Market
Managing Your BusinessEngaging Employees
DiscoveringVision Science and the Possible Human
Eye on HealthMaking the Most of Low Vision
Your MoneyProperty Insurance: Are You Covered?
Legal AngleGPS Audio and Assistance Sensor Designed to Transform People’s Lives

March/April 2012
Feature Article – Sports Sunwear
The right sports eyewear can give athletes a competitive advantage, providing eye protection, colour enhancement, light control and convenience. But with a myriad of options available to consumers, how can they make the best choice? This issue highlights what’s new and exciting in sports eyewear, whether it’s for the professional athlete or the weekend warrior.

Portrait of a DesignerUnique in Canada: Shilo Rapp Makes Glasses for the World
Making ContactChanging Demographics and Evolving Contact Lens Technology
Eye On HealthAMD and Vision Loss in Canada
SparkFalling – and Succeeding
Lens FocusSupply and Demand: What Eyecare Professionals Should Expect From Lens Vendors
Managing Your BusinessUnderstanding Human Capital
EventTransitions Academy
Different VisionTamara Tedesco: Living Life on the Edge Pays Off

May/June 2012
Feature Article: Children’s Eyewear
Today’s children’s glasses combine durability and safety features with a « fun » factor, which can make shopping for kids’ frames a highly enjoyable experience for both parents and their children. What do kids and parents want in eyeglass frames? What are the best lens materials? What are the latest trends in kids’ eyewear? And what are the unique challenges involved in selling to this demographic? This feature tells all.
Bonus Feature: Binocular Vision Disfunction

Portrait of a DesignerDancing with Design: Fabienne Coudray-Meisel and Volte Face
Making ContactDaily Disposable Contact Lenses: The Good, the Bad and the Reasons Why
Eye on IndustryBrilliant Business Model Puts New Store Set-Up Within Reach
Lens FocusGlorious and Free (-Form)
Special Internet FeatureThe Perils of Internet Dispensing
Special FeatureCCEPro: A Unified Vision for Canada’s Eyecare Policy
DiscoveringControversial Contributions to Vision Science
Legal AngleFee-splitting and Co-management in Optometry and Ophthalmology: the Evolving Landscape of Eyecare
EventPerfect Partnerships: Transitions Optical Redefines the Concept
EventMido 2012 – Functional, Dynamic, Diverse
Event2012 Vision Expo East Makes a Splash
TechnologyOcular Apps for Every Reason and Every Season
Eye On HealthVitamins and the Aging Eye

July/August 2012
Feature Article – Annual Lens Feature
The biggest buzz in lenses these days is « wavefront » technology and its impact on lens designs. These new progressive designs may be more « customizable » to individual wearers but, from an optician’s standpoint, they can be more challenging to fit. How is « wavefront » technology changing the lens landscape and what do lens fitters need to know about it? This feature has all the answers, including training tips for staff.

Portrait of a DesignerBruno Palmegiani: Aspiring to More
Making ContactThe Problem of Non-Compliance
Eye on IndustryMarchon Canada: A Company on the Move
DiscoveringEye Research News
Lens FocusHigher Ground
Special FeatureB.C. Regulation Angers Optometrists’ Groups
Managing Your BusinessCreating a Job Description: a New Perspective
Eye On HealthDiabetes and Vision
Your MoneyGetting Back to Basics
Legal AngleUpdated ISO Standards Encourage Best Practices in the Optical Industry
Fitting FramesArt-Infused Eyewear Aficionado Selects Frames
NutritionEye-friendly Nutrition: Antioxidants, Carotenoids and Omega-3 Fats
EventItaly’s Finest on Display


September/October 2012
Feature Article – Women’s Optical World
Envision: seeing beyond profiles five high-achieving women who work in the eyewear industry as nominated by their peers in a survey conducted by Breton Communications. To what do they attribute their success? And what do they have to say about the state of the Canadian industry and women’s role in it?

Eye on IndustryNew Practice Management Software Excels by Every Measure
Making ContactTweens & Contact Lenses – Made for Each Other
DiscoveringStudy Identifies Cause of Blindness
Portrait of a DesignerPassion Has Always Been in Fashion at Ferragamo
Special FeatureSpecial Lenses Offer Help For Those With Dyslexia, Colour Blindness
Eye On HealthEye On Allergies
Lens FocusAR Reflections: The Key to Selling More Coating
Legal AnglePatient Privacy Regulations in Canada: Safeguarding the Public’s Information
Special FeatureHave Eyes, Will Travel: Cosmetic Eye Procedures May Risk Vision
Your MoneyIs There a PRPP in Your Future?
Fitting FramesVisual Stylists Fit Frames at Les Branchés Lunetterie
SparkWindows of Opportunity

November/December 2012
Feature Article – Canada’s ECPs by the Numbers
We share some of the results of the first-ever survey of Canadian eyewear professionals. Who are they? Where do they live? What are their concerns? What are their prognostications for the future of the industry? This feature provides the most comprehensive overview of Canadian ECPs ever!

Making ContactSeeing the Future with Augmented Contacts
Eye on IndustryPowerful, Innovative, Effective: Briot / WECO and Visionix Team Up for Mastery
Lens FocusPhotochromics: Still Changing
Portrait of a DesignerGANT: The Hip and Historical Brand
Legal AngleYour Money or Your Health: Senator Leads Fight Against Cosmetic Contact Lenses
Industry InterviewSoftware to Make Your Practice Sing: Ocuco is Customized for Canada
Industry InterviewMIDO Meets Envision: seeing beyond
EventInside Silmo 2012: Alive with Colour
EventTime to Celebrate: Vision Expo West and Breton Communications
MilestoneRay-Ban On the Faces of History