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January/February 2014
Feature Article – Seniors and Low Vision: Confronting the Challenge
What do you say to an elderly patient whose vision is compromised by a serious eye Envision: seeing beyond magazinecondition? Are you prepared to discuss low vision assistive devices and rehab services with them? If you haven’t yet thought about it, it’s time to start. Here’s what you need to know.

Lens FocusSenior Moments
Making ContactResource Apps
Portrait of a DesignerJ.F. Rey: Defying Gravity!
Special Report – Focus on Customer Service: The Key to Online and In-store Success
Eye on Health – Argus II Retinal Prosthesis
Your Money – Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime
Digital MarketingEyecare’s New Reality: We Need Professional Marketing Help
Event – Hong Kong Optical Fair Offers a World of Opportunity




March/April 2014
Feature Article – Sparkle, Sizzle, Hot… And Cool Sunwear Challenges Eyecare Professionals
The sunwear card has to be played with finesse in order to succeed in this segment. Our Envision: seeing beyond magazinefeature shows you how! We also let you in on the latest sexy, sporty and oh so retro sunwear models.

Lens Focus – Polar(ized) Express
Portrait of a Designer – Match Eyewear’s Ethan Goodman Does it All
Making Contact – Multifocal Contact Lenses Without Limits
Eye on Industry – Game Change: How FYidoctors is Altering Canada’s Optical Landscape
Managing Your Business – Planning Priorities for Small Business Owners
Digital Marketing – The Battle for Consumers: Online Versus Eyecare Professionals
Event – Opti 2014: Kicking Off the Year in Style
Event – Experience the Magic
Eye on Health – Botox and the Aging Eye
Legal Angle – A New Approach to Working With Blind Children
Discovering – Comic Vision: How One Mom Put the « Fun » Back Into Fundraiser




May/June 2014
Feature Article – From Totally Cool to Utterly Tragic: Emotions Drive KidsEnvision: seeing beyond magazine
Eyewear selection is inherently emotional for kids and their parents. What are the emotional needs of children and their parents? How does store and product branding affect their emotions? Our feature goes into all of this, and more, with specific tips for building rapport with younger clientele.

Eye on Industry  For Rada Eyewear, Growth is the Name of the Game
Portrait of a Designer – Ogi Eyewear’s David Spencer: Taking it Into His Own Hands
Lens Focus
 – The « Light » Stuff
Your Money – Staunching Heartbleed
Legal Angle – 3D Printing: New Dimensions for the Optical Industry
Event – MIDO: This Show Sets Out to Attract Notice – And it Works!
Event – International Vision Expo East Educates, Celebrates and Stimulates the Industry
Digital Marketing – What do Online Consumers Want?
Industry Interview – Marcolin: The Global Eyewear Company
Managing Your Business – Budget Gets Mixed Reviews from Small Business


July/August 2014
Feature Article – Optical Lenses: Quality Control Can Trip You UpEnvision: seeing beyond
Errors in quality control of lenses at the retail level are potentially serious and can lead to injury, bodily discomfort or poor performance at work. Our feature covers quality control in the retail setting and asks: what standards are you using, and who is responsible for quality control?

Lens Focus  Wrapping It Up
Portrait of a Designer – Dean and Dan Caten Live the Dream in London and Milan
Managing Your Business
 – Under New Anti-Spam Law
Making Contact – Frameless Marketing
Discovering – Of Mice and Men: New Research Breakthrough in Aniridia
Eye on Health Revealing the « Silent Thief »
Industry Interview Silmo: A Story of Innovation
Event – Positive Reviews for OAO Symposium and InfoMart
Digital Marketing – Put Online in its Place: Own Your Digital Neighbourhood
Spark – Another Way of Winning


September/October 2014
Feature Article – Ownership and Opportunity: Who’s squeezing who in optical retail?
Optical retail is in the midst of a seismic shift, with the integration of once disparate parts into new-style corporate entities and the entrance into the market of aggressive, non-traditional players. Our feature analyzes the current optical retail landscape and considers what all this means for eyecare professionals.

Eye on Health  MIGS: A New Frontier in the Treatment of Glaucoma
Portrait of a Designer – Oliver Goldsmith: Designer to Royalty and the Stars
Making Contact – Scleral Contact Lenses: What Was Old is New Again
Legal Angle – Protecting Online Healthcare Records: Is it Possible?
Special Report – New Brain-Training Technology Improves Reading in Most Presbyopes
Lens Focus – Lens Marketing: Join the Chain Gang
Your Money – Planning your Exit Strategy
Special Report – The Optometric Assistant: Indispensable for the Dispensary
Discovering – Leaders in Eye Health have a Common Vision
Digital Marketing – 
Turn Digital Consumers Into Optical Buyers



November/December 2014

Feature Article – Opening your retail store: Who? Where? How?
Opening a new store is no small feat. Who do you hope will come into your store and how will you wow them when they arrive? What are some risks in lease negotiations and when should you be working with professionals? Our feature sheds light on many of the essentials, from location to design and more.

Lens Focus  The Future Perfect?
Portrait of a Designer – The Yin/Yang Balance at ic! berlin
Making Contact – Colour it up and More!
Event: Silmo – Canadians Loved Silmo Paris 2014
Your Money Disability Insurance: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
Interview MIDO: Always Looking to the Future
Event: VEW Vision Expo West Sparks Excitement
Front Scene – VEW Canadian ECPs VIP Cocktail