A Bold Impression

Renoir and his fellow Impressionists saw great potential in the bold use of colour as a tool of personal and naturalistic expression. Among the strongest pigments in the Impressionist arsenal, pure royal blue has been used since the early 19th century to add a splash of luxurious colour, evoking a feeling of adventurous style. This vibrant hue makes its presence known in a large variety of Ogi styles, most brilliantly demonstrated with the 4800, the 7148, the 9200, and the 9076. Each frame emulates an artistic sophistication and has a fashionable flair that personifies Ogi Eyewear. Bright cobalt, metallic azure, and sky blue hues blend with multifaceted tortoise colour combinations to present each style with brilliant colouring and an individualized expression.

Ogi Eyewear’s 7148 debuts with a smoothly carved bridge and a colour infused camouflage palette. Offered in green, blue, brown, or red, the 7148’s matte translucent front bonds beautifully with boldly coloured camouflage temples. A slight cat eye silhouette gives the 7148 a feminine sophistication with a vibrant attitude.

The 9200 makes a bold entrance into Ogi Eyewear’s collection of combination frames with a vibrant colour palette. Hues of rich violet, cobalt blue, deep brown, or fiery red envelop the marbled acetate and colour saturated metal eye wire of the 9200. Accompanied by an arched brow, the adjustable nose pads of the 9200 offer customizable comfort while never sacrificing flavorful fashion.