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the cost of entry in online optical shopping,  and ways to determine the best frame style and
                  certain online retailers have heightened the   width for your face shape. The skepticism that

                  technology’s level of sophistication with an  has accompanied this form of buying in the
                  increasing range of eyeglasses-fitting metrics  past  —  particularly as it involves a multitude of

                  in an effort to mimic the in-store shopping  complex measurements and data points — has
                  experience as closely as possible. Envisioning  been replaced with a greatly improved comfort
                  what your eyeglasses will look like through  level.
                  the use of a webcam has transformed the
                  experience of  shopping for  glasses  in the     Now that online optical sales have reached the
                  comfort of your own home.                   point of broad acceptance, it’s the cost of entry for
                                                              retailers to provide a range of lens thicknesses,
                  A noticeable e-commerce trend in the optical   materials, treatments and add-ons. What
                  industry has been the proliferation of  differentiates one company from another

                  consumer-oriented  content  intended  to  may be contact lens options, price, insurance
                  arm shoppers with enough information and  coverage, shipment time, length of guarantee,

                  eyewear guidance to bolster their confidence in  delivery fee, return policy, the quality of
                  the online buying process. This highly targeted  customer service, and after-sale service. Or

                  content  includes  tips  on  how  to  buy  glasses  it may be a combination of these elements,
                  online, how to measure pupillary distance (PD),  depending on the customer’s priorities.

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