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             ONLINE OP T IC AL S ALE S

                                         SmartBuyGlasses sells to 21 countries and showcases an astonishing 48,354
                                         prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses options from 200 brands. These encompass
         “   Shoppers can try on         refers to as “cheap glasses” for men, women and kids on its website. The outfit
                                         notable designer names like Tom Ford, Ray-Ban and Oakley, along with what it
                                         brands itself as “The Best Online Eyewear Store Since 2006”. It boasts such
                    models on the
                                         features as a Best Price Guarantee, free lenses, Virtual Try-On, a Lens Scanner
         SmartBuyGlasses website         and a PD Measurement Tool.
            to see what they look        Like other popular online eyewear stores, SmartBuyGlasses offers a full range
          like wearing a variety of      of lens types, including multifocal/progressive, single vision, photochromic,
                                         Transitions® and blue light. Standard single lenses are included with designer
         eyeglasses or sunglasses        frames. Contact lens wearers can order products from leading manufacturers
                       from home.        including Bausch & Lomb, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson and Coopervision.

                                         Shoppers can try on models on the SmartBuyGlasses website to see what they
                                         look like wearing a variety of eyeglasses or sunglasses from home. The site offers
                                         instructions  on how  to  use  their  camera  to record a  five-second selfie video.
                                         Customers then proceed to the brand page of the eyeglasses they’d like to try on
                                         and the images can be shared with friends on Facebook. All of their designer
                                         glasses come with complimentary anti-scratch and anti-reflection coatings. The
                                         site has an ‘Ask the Optician’ link, a style page and an Optical Center page with
                                         consumer education sections, including questions like ‘What are prism glasses?’
                                         and ‘Are rimless glasses right for you?’

               Founded in 1999 by two optometrists in Houston, FramesDirect has been a pioneer in online optical sales.
               They were the first retailer to offer online sales of prescription glasses and sunglasses, and progressive lenses.
               In 2009 they became part of the world’s largest eyewear company, EssilorLuxottica, and they claim to carry the
               largest selection of designer eyewear ‘anywhere’. FramesDirect stocks an inventory of more than 200 brands,
               with the largest selection of authentic designer eyewear anywhere, according to their website.

               FramesDirect has a collection of replacement lenses for eyeglasses when a wearer needs lenses only, such as
               when a new prescription is required. If they have frames they want to keep wearing, their eyeglasses can be
               fitted with high-quality replacement lenses. People can choose from well-known European and American
               prescription sunglasses  designers like Persol, Kate Spade and Oakley. In addition, FramesDirect stocks
               non-Rx sunglasses in a broad range of styles and shapes for everyday wear and sporting activities. They offer
               high-index 1.74 lenses, ultra-thin, flat lenses recommended for people with +/- 2, and stronger prescriptions.
               As they are nearly 50 per cent the thickness of plastic, and five per cent thinner than 1.67 high index lenses,
               these lenses provide aesthetic appeal and the emotional comfort of knowing that your lenses are a far cry from
               the Coke bottle bottom glasses of yesteryear.

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