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The support team really values our

          knowledge and feedback. We can

          take optometry in the direction

          that we want it to go.

                                                                 Dr Jasjit Gandham, OD
                                                                 Optometry Partner
                                                                 Specsavers Coquitlam Centre

          One of the challenges for optometrists starting their   for areas like technology, marketing, clinical support,
          own clinic is the tasks that get in the way of providing   and accounting – all of which are full-time jobs in their
          patients with the best care possible.                 own right. You will be part of a broader professional
                                                                community, which provides networking opportunities
          A partnership with Specsavers is designed to remove   with other optometrists and professional growth as
          those barriers, allowing optometrists to focus on     doctors as well as business owners.
          running their clinic in the way they think is best. We bring
          together our network of optometrists to collaborate   Make ownership a reality today. Your location start-up
          and advise on how to improve eye health outcomes for   costs are on us when you join as a business owner.
          everyone.   We provide comprehensive business support

          Ownership opportunities for optometrists
          available now at
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