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                              SALES SOAR

                                                  TO NEW


                                                      Cover Story

                                                       By Evra Taylor

                                hen eyeglasses designers began  per cent increase in online spending across all
                                selling online to Canadians, it  categories. 2
                                would have been impossible
                                to  predict  that  a  product  so     What does this mean for the optical industry? The
                 Wseemingly personal, requiring               pandemic-related shift from in-person to online
                  the  human touch  of a  hands-on shopping     sales isn’t a new phenomenon. However, with
                  experience would achieve the stellar numbers  the need for social distancing and remote work,
                  we’re now seeing.                           it has certainly been partially responsible for
                                                              the increase. According to The Vision Council,

                  As the world has moved to online sales, the  22 per cent of adult  consumers  purchased

                  optical industry has moved with it.  Retail  eyeglasses online  in 2017.  That figure  more
                  Insider states that, according to an International    than doubled in 2020, with 44 per cent of adults
                  Trade Commission report, in 2020 total      buying, or at least browsing, eyeglasses online. 2
                  e-commerce retail sales in Canada were $3.82
                  billion, and that a whopping 72.5 per cent of   Optical companies’ development of new tools
                  Canadians were e-commerce users.  That number   to aid  shoppers  in their  online  purchasing
                  is expected to rise to 77.6 per cent by 2025.  A  decision-making process has also played a part.
                  recent McKinsey report says that in the U.S.  One of these tools is virtual try-on technology.
                  the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a 15 to 30  While it isn’t new, and has actually become

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