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                                                                                       ONLINE OP T IC AL S ALE S

     is  a family-owned  LensDirect has an innovative upgrade for
             and -operated business based in New  sleep-deprived shoppers, amber-tinted
             York. They bill themselves as a one-stop  blue light blocking glasses designed for
             shop in optical e-commerce, providing  sleep and nighttime driving. They shield

             name-brand eyeglasses, sunglasses and     the wearer from the most disruptive
             contact lenses, with the benefit of     light that reduces the production of
             one-day shipping. As one of the online   melatonin, which affects the body’s   “  As one of the online
             optical retailers at the lower end of the   natural sleep cycle. Wearers can switch   optical retailers at the
             price scale, their niche is affordability.     from their daytime glasses to nighttime
             This  allows  purchasers  to  enjoy  one   amber lenses to encourage their body   lower end of the price
                                                  to produce the melatonin it needs for
             of the important current trends in    a restful night of sleep. They can also   scale, their niche is
             eyewear: buying multiple sets of frames   be used for nighttime driving to help    affordability.
             for easy interchangeability according     reduce the glare of oncoming traffic.                 “
             to their mood, fashion choices or    The lenses provide up to 90 per
             colour of the day. Their affordably   cent blue-light filtering (more than
             priced collection is named Delancey   BluDefend, the company’s daytime
             Street Eyewear, a cute nod to one of  clear blue light blocking lenses).
             the main thoroughfares in Manhattan’s  They are available as prescription and
             lower east side.                     non-prescription lenses and as readers.

                                   In light of the growing shift toward online optical purchasing, Université de Montréal’s
                                   School of Optometry decided to take a look at the key clinical question at hand: can
                                   prescription eyeglasses ordered online achieve the same precision fit as those from their
                                   brick-and-mortar counterparts?

                                   New Look Vision Group partnered with the School of Optometry at Université de
                                   Montréal to conduct a study that reveals important findings on the accuracy of buying
                                   prescription glasses online.

                                   The study, led by Dr. Nicolas Fontaine, compared the services of three online retailers (New
                                   Look’s Topology technology and two large online eyewear retailers) with the university’s
                                   optometry store. The study demonstrated that, compared to the other two online eyewear
                                   retailers, New Look’s Topology measurements are more accurate and allow for better vision
                                   with progressive prescription glasses. In addition, Topology received a significantly higher
                                   score for the “desire to wear glasses every day” than the other two online eyewear retailers.
                        [  Dr. Nicolas Fontaine  ]

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